Papaya leaves extract for dengue fever


Just thought of noting this down in case of emergency. This comes from NSTP website:

Victim of dengue fever can start taking two tablespoons a day for a maximum of three days.

The right method of extracting papaya leaf juice includes using mature leaves and washing the leaves thoroughly before soaking them in water for 15 minutes. The leaves are then either blended or pounded and filtered using a sieve.

Storified here:
My hubby caught fever since last Saturday night up till today. He went for blood test on Mon which shows platelet count is normal – he was merely given panadol and advice to drink a lot of fluid. The fever was on and off; and he was lethargic almost every day. Yesterday night, we noticed some tiny rashes coming out on his thigh and body – and I have to ‘beg’ him to go see Dr again but telling him ‘you are going to die!’ – which he ignored me until this morning. Initially, he wanted to go work (workaholic) – I summoned him to his panel dr and the gp sent him off – asking him to visit a hospital. He wasn’t admitted – but blood test showed normal platelet count and POSITIVE for dengue fever. But since it was already the 6th day, the medical officer said that usually patient heal by itself by taking panadol and drink lots of fluid. He will need to do another blood test tomorrow.

So the common thing to do with is to drink some papaya leaves extract. Where can I get it? Thankfully Quinnie Tan helped me get it from her dad’s neighbour – a very kind aunty who also offered advice. Thank you both of you! heart emoticon

Yes, I have been quietly facing all these all by myself with occasional ranting to my friend(s). I am just a NORMAL wife & mummy who still:
– cooks as usual
– bakes as usual
– does housework as usual
– brings my girl out for playtime
– does grocery shopping with my girl
-entertain my girl – with her tantrums and stuff
– look after my girl’s daily needs plus her milk supplier

And in the midst of helping my girl get over her eczema – who stays awake to nurse and calm her in moments of itchiness/cries; & the sick hubby who couldn’t do much but eat + sleep; & my dad just went through a nerve operation (and I seriously didn’t care about it – as I have to look after the two closest to me now).

If you have a problem, face it – no point crying as it won’t help!

Hopefully all these will come to an end soon!

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