Making bill payments via CIMB Clicks

I recently have a new account with CIMB Bank; my first time having a savings account with the bank. This is due to my company payroll purpose. As a result, I have access to CIMB Clicks. Coincidently, our JMB recently allows its residence to pay bills via CIMB Clicks. Why not then pay via CIMB Clicks?


Compared to bill payments via Maybank, Public Bank and OCBC Bank, I found that with CIMB Clicks – the convenience is we can actually make a list of payees first before submitting all the payments at one shoot. Therefore, we are only required to request one TAC password. We also could have a view of the list of bills that we are paying too. I like this initiative. Nevertheless, the setback could be if the bill payments are made to different payees, it would be difficult to print out separate transaction bills.

Hassle in closing the trading account with Jupiter Securities

After sending out the forms to close the trading account with Jupiter Securities, I received a call from them on the second working day. The called was made by a man, Chan, who spoke as if he was sleeping.


He told me that my signature differ from the one I gave during my initial sign up. I was puzzled,as I did not change my signature at all. I asked him if he could scan and show me the previous form – to see how the signature differ. To my surprise, he said that his backroom office does not have a scanner but fax machine (what century is this?). He told me that he would check how different is the signature from the one I recently signed on, and will call me back shortly.


Five minutes later, he called me and said that my signature was missing an exclamation mark. I am not sure how true is it – as I could not remember how I signed recently and in the past. I had no prove. Then I told him if I could just print, sign, scan and email to him the form. I used ECM Money as an example – which allows me to do so. He said this is not the procedure. And subtly mentioned “why not just leave the trading account there?” He made me so mad! If I would have leave the account there, I would not have to go through this process. And told him off that it was my company policy that requires me to do so. I had no choice but to go through the process again – including wasting my courier fee.


After relating the incident to hubby, he told me to call the office direct and complain about this issue. So, I actually wrote an email explaining what has happened. Sadly, the same response was given to me via email – and with only slight apology.


What I am truly not happy about: when Chan told me to leave my account there. Is this a tactic for them to retain their database? Also, can’t they invest in buying/ renting a scan machine – which now most offices do have – 3 in 1 printer, scanner and fax?

Additional supplement for pregnant mums – Neurogain PB

In addition to the existing supplements that I am taking, I have now started taking Neurogain PB. This was introduced to me by my colleague who has a one year plus daughter. She mentioned that she realised that her daughter’s intelligence seems better than those of the similar age, and realised the benefits gained from Neurogain PB. After doing some online survey, I decided to try this supplement. There are quite number of blogs that recommend this supplement. I read that it is best to take Neurogain PB after stepping into fifth month of pregnancy.

I bought my first vegecap from Watsons at RM51. I noticed that online price varies from RM45 to RM54.


From its website,

What is NeuroGain® PB Vegicaps®* ?

Neurogain® PB is a natural, customized, standardized, refined purified, high quality formulation of conditionally Essential Fatty Acids for Pregnant and Breast-feeding women. Now available in vegetable capsules made in Germany, Neurogain® PB is  DHA high, EPA low with AA and OA to help Pregnant and Breast-feeding women meet important pre and peri natal nutritional requirements in essential fatty acids. Neurogain® PB is scientifically formulated in line with international recommendations for essential fatty acids supplementation early in life.

Docosahexaenoic Acids (DHA) is an important for pregnant and lactating mothers because it helps to promote proper brain and eye development in fetuses and infants.

Why a vegetable capsule ?

Unlike capsules from beef or pork materials, vegetable capsules (Vegicaps® Soft)* have a multicultural appeal while showing proven chemical and physical stability with low odor, taste and aftertaste.

Who needs NeuroGain® PB ?

  • Pregnant and Breast-feeding women
  • Pregnant women with a history of low birth weight babies, pre-term births
  • Frequent, multiple pregnancies
  • Pregnant women allergic to fish and eggs
  • Poor, unbalanced maternal diet

When is the best time to take NeuroGain® PB ?

At meal time for better absorption and compliance. When eating, the fats in the meal will improve the absorption of Neurogain® PB essential fatty acids like DHA in the body.

Is it safe to use NeuroGain® PB ?

Yes, NeuroGain® PB is a natural DHA supplement of EFAs. The EPA level is low in line with WHO and ISSFAL recommendations for DHA supplementation at an early stage of life. NeuroGain® PB is not a drug.

Why is NeuroGain® PB free of Evening Primrose Oil (EPO) ?

EPO, Borage oil, and possibly other substances containing GLA, should not be used during pregnancy because they may be harmful to the fetus and induce labor.

Follow up read: Valuebuy Neurogain PB @ AA Pharmacy, Lucky Garden Bangsar

Closing of trading accounts with ECM Money, HLe Broking and Jupiter Securities

Due to company HR policy, I am required to close down all my trading accounts. I had three trading accounts, which I signed up when I was in my previous job, because of one of my assignments. They are from ECM Money, HLe Broking and Jupiter Securities. Nevertheless, I totally underutilized them as I did not trade at all. I only used it for their research information. As a result, ECM Money and HLe Broking had my account suspended. Jupiter Securities was the most friendly to allow me to use their information without barring me.

When I wanted to close the trading accounts:


  1. Jupiter Securities:

I actually made a call to them and their customer service officer asked me to come over to their office. Thinking that I will be on leave on August 17, I made an effort to go to their Subang Jaya branch. It was difficult to find the place and I called the office. It was lunch time and no one was in the office – but a person who is not related to the company – picked up my call and told me about no one is in the office during office hours. So, I called the headquarter’s customer service again, only to be told that I can drop them an email and they will send me the necessary documents to fill up. I did it when office re-opens after the Raya holidays. My email was responded within hours and I was required to fill up 3 forms and a letter, which I had n send to their office. I courier to them on the Saturday.


2. HLe Broking

At first I thought I did not have to close the trading account since it was already suspended. But, I took an initiative to drop them an email asking if I need to close the account. Yes, I needed. My email was responded within hours and a form was attached with the email. Similarly, I was required to fill up the form and passed it back to them. I courier to them on the Saturday.


3. ECM Money

For ECM Money, they did not have a customer service email at their website but to fill up their query form. After filling up and within hours, their officer called me. I told them my issue and he said that he can email me the form. The email was sent to me and I was only required to fill up, scan back and email back the form to them. This was so much easier.

On closure of the trading accounts, from my experience, ECM Money was the easiest – time consuming and cost saving. I was kind of furious of Jupiter Securities for making me go around about. Nevertheless, it is all done. Anyway, thankful for their service of providing me research information for free for  the past two years.

Teluk Pulai Claypot Bak Kut Teh @ Taman Intan, Klang

Of all the bak kut teh that I have tasted so far around Klang Valley – and the one that lasted the longest is at this restaurant called Teluk Pulai Claypot Bak Kut Teh. It is located in an area surrounded by few other bak kut teh stalls. Well, I was brought to this place since very young age and I am still bringing hubby, his friend and even in laws to this place to taste the traditional herbs pork soup. This place is usually packed especially during weekends.


We got to wait for seats by standing right behind the customers who are already completing their meals. Usually, the waitress will take down the orders while we are waiting. We are also asked to pick the type of Chinese tea we like. After the customers have completed their meals, the table will be cleaned in a very fast mode. Everything else will be served in a fast mode.

They have also gone beyond the traditional flavours where you can add on items like fish ball and sea cucumber. Nevertheless, the traditional taste remains. They also have dry bak kut teh. And they will usually ask if you would like to have vegetable as side dish.


While the food is good, the service is average though served at a fast rate. Sometimes when they are so busy – they can be very rude too. Cleanliness wise, it is moderate and price is reasonable.  To get there, it is best to possess own transportation.


Chow Yang Foot Reflexology, SS2/67

After some nights of leg cramps (due to pregnancy), finally we decided to get some calf massage (for myself). We decided to go to Chow Yang Foot Reflexology (SS2/67), which hubby’s colleague recommended. It is located few doors away from Zouk Spa. We have actually passed by this center many times and each time they are fully occupied (especially at night).

So, we were there just now. Upon entering, a lady, whom I think is a local, showed us the menu with the services and prices. I decided to take on their one hour reflexology with the instruction that they only massage my calves while hubby decided to go for their 40 minutes reflexology and 20 minutes shoulder massage. Excluding the service charge, it was RM 55 (for hubby) + RM40 (for myself). The total, with service charge (6%), comes to RM100.70. [Payment can be made via credit card. According to hubby (from his observation), it seems that this center charges more than the other reflexology around the area. ]

Soaking the feet into hot basin of water

There weren’t many people when we were there. It started with soaking our feet into the hot basin of water. And, then the massage began.

Before massage starts

The massage starts

Hubby enjoying shoulder/back massage

Well, I would say the place is clean and bright. It is open space where we can see one another being massaged. Hence, there is no need to remove clothing even for shoulder massage. This is unlike Zouk Spa, which is dim, and has more privacy They have a person who cleans up the center – which includes toilet, window, floor and also the place where we sit for massage. I feel that they score A in their cleanliness. It has a very quiet ambiance except for the masseurs chatting with one another.

Service wise – I think it really depends on the masseur that massages you. Compared to hubby’s masseur, I think that mine was a little unfriendly. Personally, I feel painful during the process but after the massage, I felt that my calves were much “lighter”.

Anyway, I still prefer Balinese massage (especially the one at Inner Glow @ Kuta Beach Street) that enables me to relax compared to this form of reflexology.

Samsung Galaxy S3 cover from Pasar Malam at RM10

When we purchased my Samsung Galaxy S3, we bought its cover for RM20. However, I dislike the colour (they have limited choice colour for the cover texture that I wanted). Further than that, when I tried to charge my phone, the phone USB’s cable falls off easily because the area linking to the cable is being blocked by the cover. It was impossible to charge without taking off the phone cover.


We went to Pasar Malam at SS2 on a Monday night. We found that there was a range of covers available plus it is only RM10 for the cover. Thus, we bought a cover – a rather transparent type cover, which is certainly nicer than the previous cover. While I am able to charge my phone with the cover on, it is easily removed too – if accidentally touched (but it does not happen if I exchanged hubby’s Samsung Galaxy S2 charger). Nevertheless, definitely a worth buy compared to the one we got with the phone.

Handmade pan mee & beverages @ Restoran Hock Thai, SS2/103

This handmade pan mee hawker stall is located at Restoran Hock Thai, SS2/103. We spotted this place more than 4 years ago when we were renting out at SS2. It is just at the back of the house we rented and in the same row as Vinic Tyre Service. Therefore, it is rather hidden.


What makes this handmade pan mee special? It really brings me some home taste, especially the dry pan mee. It costs around RM4.50 to RM5.50. But for the soup pan mee, they actually need some improvement to make the soup more home like taste.

Besides the pan mee, I enjoyed going to Restoran Hock Thai because of their beverage, especially their teh ping. Though it is brewed by their foreign workers, the workers are highly trained and made authentic beverages. And, the price is just like any normal coffee shop. Service is good too.

Taking dessert @ One Dessert, SS2/60

We noticed that there’s a new dessert stall at SS2 when we passed by to look for something light for supper. So, we decided to stop by at One Dessert, SS2/60. Well, the shop was rather packed at that hour (around 11 something at night).


We managed to get a seat inside the shop. We were given the menus. They specialize in dessert and dim sum. After browsing through, we decided to try their peanut sweet soup, black sesame sweet soup and mango glutinous rice noodle. We wanted the dessert to be hot. We then called the waiter who only handed us the slip to note down what orders we wanted. After marking down in the blank recycled piece of paper, the slip was taken away.


Around 5 minutes later, our dessert arrived. We found out that the soup desserts were cold. We told the waiter that we wanted hot ones and if they could exchanged it. To our amazement, the waiter said out loud that “the microwave sudah rosak (is spoilt)”. So, we had to take the cold desserts. But, we were truly disappointed with this kind of service. First, they should have informed us in the first place that the hot soup desserts were not available. And, secondly, it just tells us that the hot soup desserts are not fresh – as it is being microwave hot instead of getting it from the hot pot of dessert. On the other hand, the mango glutinous rice noodle was something different that we tried.


The place was rather noisy as they played Jay Chou’s concert video and it is not wifi-ed, I think. Also, they have not gotten enough helpers in the shop. Used bowls were left unattended in one of the far end table. When we asked for the bill, the waiter ignored us initially. And, when we asked for the second time, he asked us to come to the counter instead. Well, they should note that at their counter that payment is to be made at the counter.

I am personally disappointed with the service there. However, I think they have a wider choice compared to KTZ Food.

Chicken and char siew rice @ Restoran Meng Kee Char Siew, Glenmarie

Finally hubby has brought me to this stall after mentioning it for quite some time. He was introduced to this place by his colleagues. It actually locates not too far from our home and takes about 10 minutes drive to the place. Well, it is not really that easy to look for this place, as it is located in a factory area and thus, need you to have your own transport to be there. Just search on POI for “Meng Kee Char Siew” and you will be guided to this place.


The business starts at 9am and ends when it is sold off. We arrived there approximately 9am and found it to be already packed. However, we did not have to wait for a seat. Upon arrival, the lady took our order. She told us that we have to order a set of chicken and char siew, and not allowed to order one person’s chicken and two person’s char siew. Well, hubby says that it is their tactic as every customers love their char siew. So, hubby ordered a set of two, plus bean sprout and the pork intestine. He also ordered two glasses of plain water.

Food is served in 5 minutes. There was no soup for ordering rice. Hubby has to add on wantan soup for them to send us a bowl of soup. The rice is actually good – better than the chicken rice ball @ Kedai Kopi Chung Wah, Malacca. Nevertheless, though the chicken is good; it is not as smooth as in Kedai Kopi Chung Wah. On the other hand, the char siew is compatiable to the ones in the famous wantan mee stall in Aman Suria.


Price wise, it is not that cheap. For the meal, it cost RM33.10. Service wise – average.


We noticed that most people eat their wantan mee during day time. Well, I guess we will be back for that.