The cooking gas supplier in PJ area

Since the arrival of little 17chipmunks, much cooking gas has been used mainly for boiling water. The cooking gas has been used up quite quickly and we called the new cooking gas supplier that we found. Once again, they are really efficient. This time we got the sticker and for those who are looking for cooking gas supplier, you may contact them. Currently, the big tank of gas cost RM30.


17chipmunks has been busy with the little one

IT has been a week since I posted something. Well, for one, I did not go out to consume things/ services during my confinement (so to say), so I have no reviews at the current moment. Secondly, I have been tired and couldn’t think of a topic or two to write. Finally, besides the colicky baby, I currently have a baby that is undergoing growth spurt. Never came into my mind that such thing could happen to babies, but after several researches – found that it is “normal” so to speak.


What happens during growth spurt? In the case of little 17chipmunks, she goes very hungry, very soon – that is almost every hour, every day, and luckily most of the time, it is just the day time. So, I am “stuck” with the baby sucking my breasts like almost an hour. Then, I need to burp and make her go to bed or play with her. It is really exhausting. It is more “frustrating” when she wants comfort sucking and did not let go. And, I did the most guilty thing – twice (sadly), I did scold her.  Well, she is such an innocent baby – and I think she didn’t want it to be so. My bad.


From the researches, it says that growth spurt lasts for a couple of days in five occasions during the first year. However, mine – don’t seem to “end”. But, good news is that she is growing healthily – from my exclusive breastfeeding. She has gained about 27% of her birth weight in 25 days and turn to an average size baby from a small size baby. I am proud of myself for being able to feed her well.


Currently, my little one has phlegm on her throat. Prays that she will be able to get rid of the phlegm soon.


And, yeah, she is going to reach her first month soon!


I am sharing her cheeky face here. I have fallen in love with my baby. ❤


Post delivery check up with Dr Fatima

On the day we went home, Dr Fatima has asked me to do a follow up check up with her in two weeks time. And, so, we had the appointment with Dr Fatima last Saturday (we brought forward the day of check up so that hubby can go to work on Monday). At the same time, we also brought little 17chipmunks for her follow up check up with Dr Syed. We knew that there would be a long wait at Dr Fatima’s clinic, so we took the queue number, which were 12 before proceeding to Dr Syed’s clinic. After the visit at Dr Syed’s clinic, the queue has merely moved to number 4. So, we waited almost 1 and half hours before my turn.

Once seeing Dr Fatima, she asked about “how’s life?”, which we told her a dramatic change. This is so true as we used to have breakfast at the mamak below the hospital on each visit at Dr Fatima’s clinic – but on that day, we woke up to get little 17chipmunks ready and had our breakfast at home.

We proceed to Dr Fatima looking at my wound. At the same time, she was glad that I was exclusively breastfed our baby and said once the first baby, I am able to do so – the second child will be easier. She also gave advice on how to store breast milk and so forth. I really like how she care and concern about her patient. After looking at the wound, she helped to clean up abit and told me to scrub away those “tread” that appear on top of the wound.


After cleaning up the wound, she spoke about family planning to us. She recommended that we should plan our family as soon as possible, as I am having endometriosis and also fibroid (size around 3-4cm), which hubby actually saw during the delivery process. However, since I had c-section, it is best to have our second child after two years – it is also so that attention can be given to little 17chipmunks, she says. We were introduced several prevention methods. She did not prescribed any medicine but wrote down the names for us – telling us that we can obtain those medicine from any pharmacy (meaning she is being independent with her advice). Given the presence of endometriosis in me, the best method for me, as per her suggestion, is to take Noriday, since I plan to breastfeed and so that I would not have problem conceiving in the future. At the end, she advised me to return for a paps smear test in two months time.

Well, I really appreciate and grateful to have Dr Fatima as my gynae – not only that she gave practical advices, she also indirectly saved little 17chipmunks’ life. So, gone are the days that we are going to do monthly visits at her clinic (except for the paps smear test). Despite the usual long wait at her clinic, I think I will miss her. Nevertheless, I will definitely have her as my long-term gynae. The charges are reasonable as well. Gone are the days when I will be doing annual paps smear test at PJ Women Specialist & Family Clinic @ SS2, PJ.

For those interested:

If you plan to take hormone pills and do not plan to breastfeed, Dr Fatima recommends “Yasmin”.

If you plan to get hormone injection, which is 100% accurate, it will be RM60 per jab taken three times in a year.

If you plan to do hormone implant, it will be RM600 for a span of three years.

If you plan to insert an intrauterine device, it will be RM200.

The prices are as at Jan 2013 and at Dr Fatima’s clinic.

Handling confinement alone

I personally want to handle my confinement alone because I don’t want to abide by the unnecessary traditions that could/ would definitely be imposed by the elderly. I did not want to have a confinement lady because I heard many of horror stories about them and that I did not want to be nagged unnecessary plus I wanted to save cost. But the main reason is I wanted to exclusively breastfeed little 17chipmunks – if I were to have people around me that have lacking of exclusively breastfeed knowledge – it will definitely failed. When anyone offered to give help, I actually ignored or refused them. The most that we went was to have a confinement caterer.


Two days after the arrival of little 17chipmunks, I was rather depressed as I could not handle my little one totally alone because I was still in pain. This was because the emergency c-section was totally not in mind at the first place. At the end, I got my mum to stay with us for about 5 nights. Well, totally appreciate her presence to guide me – but all the 5 nights, I did handle little 17chipmunks independently and alone – hubby was still not too well at that time. At the same time, we got the confinement caterer food sent to our place – with mum presence, she tends to boil additional soup or drink for me. And, if mother in law comes, so will she bring food. Nevertheless, their practices did go against mine actually such as bathing baby in herbal bath and Guinness stout. However, I managed to “save” little 17chipmunks from being bathed in Guinness stout – thanks to Dr Syed’s advice, right in front of hubby. Also, it seems so funny that when it comes to my confinement period, everyone has someone they know that did not follow the confinement tradition and end up suffering. Well, I should reserve this page and re-post in 20-30 years time – and tell everyone if I regretted not following the tradition – for example, did I get migraine because I washed my hair and air entered into my head.


I am also annoyed with remarks such as:

  1. Especially on the day when we just returned from the hospital – I can feel my parents and to some extend my hubby have no confidence that I could fully breastfeed my little one. My parents even started filling up the containers with milk powder so that they can feed my baby on the go whenever she needs.
    1. True that I could not provide fully breastfeed on the first day we returned from hospital, but thereafter I have exclusively breastfed her. Thanks to my own determination!
  2. Why is your baby always hungry? (Because they don’t understand what is feed on demand)
  3. Baby needs to drink water. It is heaty. (Because they don’t understand that there isn’t need for water for exclusively breastfed baby)
  4. Wrap your baby because she wants to feel the warmth in the stomach (but eventually this is debunked because baby has heat rashes)
  5. When the baby does not wake up during midnight, let her sleep on. (Well, baby is just few days old that time and it is advisable to wake her up for feed and not to let her doze off – according to the breastfeeding classed I attended. Moreover, baby has slight jaundice and she needs to drink more to poo more.)


Thankfully, this is just own parents. If more relatives come into place, there will be more havoc.


Thereafter mum’s five night stay, we had the nights ourselves – but most nights, it was me only because I am the only one that could latch the little one and feed her – through breastfeeding. After the week when hubby had his paternity leave, it left me and baby – with occasional visits from my parents, which I saw as totally inconvenient especially with the presence of my dad when I want to breastfeed freely at home. After that, my parents went holiday and left me alone. On the first day, little 17chipmunks started to have colic attack – I really did not know how to handle the crying and made me cried as well – till hubby has to return home from work or he sends his sister to accompany me. I really never expected such stress that could cause depression. It was heartache seeing my baby suffering and not knowing what I can do for her. At the same time, I started thoughts like – losing my freedom and became burdensome to hubby – and did my decision to handle confinement myself correct. Over the weekend, I eventually overcome it – when hubby went off to fetch his mum and did shopping for me.


I have handles little 17chipmunks and the colickly her since Monday alone. I am getting used to it. I just feel quite troublesome waiting for Tracey to send me the food – because at times, it coincide with baby’s feeding time – but, the wait is worth it as I definitely have no time to cook for myself.


Hope I will be fine in the rest of the month(s). And, I pray that little 17chipmunks will suffer less with her colic condition. Please bless her. Amen.




Online purchase with Fabulous Mum


I was chatting/ discussing with members of The Breastfeeding Advocates Network and found that a baby t-shirt that states “Mom’s milk is the best” attractive. I asked the member where she got it from and she referred me to Fabulous Mum. And, so I began surfing the website.


This is my first online purchase with Fabulous Mum and also my first purchase after little 17chipmunks is born. After going through their items (I am not totally sure how “cheap” they are, as I am more attracted to get the t-shirt for the little one), I emailed to ask them about the courier fee. Well, they replied and said that it will be a minimum of RM5.85 within Klang Valley. In addition to this email response, I did email them to ask about swim diaper – if they were unisex. They replied and said yes.


Nevertheless, at the end, I bought just the t-shirt and (2 pieces of) nursing bracelet (which reminds me which side of breast was last fed). They cost RM15.90 and RM13.80 respectively. Inclusive of the postage fee, the total spending was RM35.55. The payment can be made either bank transfer or credit card. I choose to make the payment via Maybank transfer. I made the payment on Monday and the order was processed yesterday. And, I just received the parcel during lunch time (around 1 something). Well, I am truly impressed by the speed and satisfied with this first purchase. I will look forward to the next purchase if there is great bargain and provided I am at home to receive the parcel.

RM49.90 for 5 pieces of adjustable baby cloth diaper from Jackcow – THE WORST PURCHASE ever!


I made this purchase back in November 2012 (to be exact 17 November 2012). I made numerous attempts to get my parcel – which include dialing in to the retailer – Mandy, sms her, email her and Jackcow. I really got very fed up with such a retailer – who sucks to the max on their service. In addition, Jackcow has not been very effective in handling this issue. They even ignored my email till I went on live chat with them. This is officially the worst online purchase from discount sites ever since 17chipmunks is formed. It is totally disappointing. Guess, in the future, there is less possibility for me to purchase items from Jackcow especially that need to be courier to our mailing address.


The retailer:


This was the emails liaising with them:


Hi there!

I would like to seek for a refund as I HAVE NOT receive my parcel up till today and it is close to 2 months – and even after my baby has been delivered.

Kindly do something about this. Thanks.



On Tue, Dec 18, 2012 at 4:47 PM, XXX <> wrote:


Hi there,


If the item has been sent out, can you please ask your merchant to at least send me the tracking number? it is so annoying that you and your merchant is not answering my emails.




On Mon, Dec 17, 2012 at 9:55 AM, XXX <> wrote:

Hi there,


I have not receive any updates or the parcel yet. It is 5 days now from the day you emailed me. Kindly please RESOLVE this issue for me, or otherwise, kindly refund me. thanks.




On Wed, Dec 12, 2012 at 3:05 PM, Jack of JackCow <> wrote:


Dear XXX,


Thanks for your email.


We will follow up on this for you. This delivery is being done by our merchant. Kindly please hold on for a day more while we check up on this for you.


Your patience is highly appreciated.






From: XXX []
Sent: Tuesday, December 11, 2012 9:26 PM
Subject: Fwd: 5 pcs of Adjustable Baby Cloth Diaper – Coupon No: 38991134



I made the purchase on Nov 17. And, after this email, a call and two sms (to ask for my tracking number), I have yet to receive my items. How can I resolve this?

It is more than 21 days already.

My details are as below.

———- Forwarded message ———-
From: XXX <>
Date: Fri, Nov 23, 2012 at 10:33 PM
Subject: 5 pcs of Adjustable Baby Cloth Diaper – Coupon No: 38991134


I would like to check if my purchase has been delivered. I made the purchase from Jack Cow on 17 Nov.

And, the items should be delivered to:

Hope to hear from you. Thanks.


This was the livechat with Jackcow:


This was the email I received right after I went livechat with Jackcow (how coincident?):


I have replied them my voucher number and password, and I wonder how long it will take for me to get my refund and how the refund will be given!!!!

Alternative Cooking Gas Supplier

Finally, I found a reliable alternative cooking gas supplier. Well, how do I get to know the supplier? He was actually sending cooking gas to other tenant(s) in our condo area. I asked him for the contact and he gave me the shop’s phone number – which is 03-7874 7104.


I have used their service twice so far after failing to contact Usagas.  And, so far, it is an excellent service – they come as promised and on time. The man hasn’t given be their name card, but he told me that their shop is located at SS5, Petaling Jaya. Hope this could be our long time supplier.