Satay celup @ Restaurant Ban Lee Siang, Jalan Ong Kim Wee

For our first night dinner, we decided to have satay celup. Hubby has decided to drive there after looking at the map, which was a perfectly wise decision. We were tired and the road towards Restaurant Ban Lee Siang from our hotel seems “far”.

We managed to get a parking spot at the housing area facing the row of shops where the restaurant is located. Strangely, the same restaurant name has two different shops next to each other. With exactly the same name, the only difference is the design and the waiters’ and waitresses’ dress code. We had no idea if the food tasted the same. We decided on the one located on the left side of the main street.


Upon entering the shop, we were asked to choose a place. We were then told that it is self-service, where we will pick the ingredients that we want from the fridge. Each stick cost 60 sen. We were also asked if we wanted bread, which we then ordered a plate. We also ordered two glasses of ice water (later on added another glass). The stove was heated up and we then placed in (or celup) the ingredients in the stove of satay sauce. The ingredients are ready to be eaten once it is boiled. Occasionally, the waiter will come over to stir the stove, to prevent its bottom from being burnt. At the end, we had 19 sticks. Including the one plate of bread (which cost 60 sen) and three glasses of water, the total cost is RM12.90. Wow, this was a cheap and satisfying meal. Worth trying.



Mee Suah @ Restaurant Pin Pin Hiong, Lorong Hang Jebat


The shop is easily spotted from the huge Yellow Orang Utan wall right in front of this corner lot shop. It is just the other corner of San Shu Gong. Restaurant Pin Pin Hiong is famous for its mee suah though it does serve other dishes like fried rice, fried mixed vegetable and oyster omelet. Given that we were relatively full, we merely ordered a medium size mee suah and two cans of 100 plus. The restaurant seems to be managed by family members and each dish is being cooked one after another, and thus, the service is rather slow. Our food only came after 15 to 20 minutes (we were there during their lunch hours). How did the mee suah tasted like? Well, I supposed it is normal, but the difference is there is not much seasoning. Therefore, after the meal, we don’t exactly feel thirsty at all. The medium bowl of mee suah and the two cans of 100 plus cost RM9.60. I think one should also try their oyster omelet too, which we didn’t because hubby has not much liking for it.

The man who takes order has speaking and hearing disability. However, he tries his best to converse, even with a foreigner. In describing the ingredients of the food, the man made such an effort to bring in the raw ingredients to show it to the foreigner. We were amazed by his effort and determination to work despite his disability.


I am not totally sure of its opening hours. But, be sure to wait if you want to have your meal there during lunch hours.

Medela Freestyle Breastpump with 2-phase expression from Parenthood Expo 2013

There are plentiful of breastpumps in the market. However, after a throughout study (i.e. reading comments over the internet), I have decided on Medela Freestyle Breastpump. IT is the world’s smallest double electric breastpump. This breastpump is known to be convenient and mobile for working mums. Sadly, the breastpump itself cost RM2,299. I have even asked around and surveyed online, the best price I could get via forum and only with a month warranty is RM1,599. Walking around malls, I found that its best market price seems to be at around RM1,899.


There are few motherhood/ parenthood/ baby expos in town – notably are the ones in Midvalley and the upcoming one in KLCC convention centre. Well, I never really had intention to go to the recent Parenthood Expo 2013, but after hearing a comment from a friend who went – saying that there were good deals here and there – and even hubby’s colleague who purposely took leave to attend the expo, I made up my mind to go. We have a list of items to buy already but we weren’t sure which are the items that we should buy first. So, we actually walked around the three halls in the expo – more of surveying rather with the intention to buy.


We only saw two booths selling Medela items in the expo. The first one was rather tiny booth. It was a re-seller while the latter is the main distributor in Malaysia. We stopped by to listen and its staff, named Nurul, actually demonstrated the use of the breastpump to us and explained the functions of the pump. With the price of RM1,788, besides the Medela Freestyle Breastpump with 2-phase expression, it also comes with a Beaba Quick Termometer, Medela Purelan Nipple Cream and Medela Disposable Bra Pads (30 pieces). Besides that, we asked about its warranty, which Nurul said it will start on the day of delivery. She mentioned that the warranty can be sent together with the baby’s birth certificate, and this is the usual procedure for them during events. Hubby wasn’t assured of this and re-asked about this condition, including looking into the warranty card. The warranty card states that warranty starts when the pump is sold and thus, hubby wanted a reassurance. He had Nurul stated on the warranty card. We then made the payment first before collecting the items. At the counter, hubby pretended and re-asked the cashier about the warranty, which she repeated that it begins on the day of delivery. After payment was made, an additional free gift, a portable placemat was given. We then collected the items. However, we weren’t show the items one by one. Therefore, we stood a ide to check on the items. After feeling satisfied with the items, we left the booth.



Well, price wise, it is definitely worth it. From the website, I found that the same items (excluding the Medela Disposable Bra Pads and portable placemat) is going at RM1,999. Hope it will be really in good use when our baby arrives. Just wondering how many times I would need to pump in order to recuperate the cost of the pump……


Meanwhile, not sure we will be in the Baby’s Expo in the coming Aug 10 to 12 in KLCC convention centre. If so, the bigger items that we need to get are the baby cots and strollers. While the diapers and some other accessories seem to be cheap for many, we are not too sure if we were to purchase at this point of time. Anyway, I don’t feel comfortable having to choose smaller items even like maternity bra in a cramp area and in a rush mode. The place becomes worse when parents push in the strollers and block the ways. Some even have their buying trolleys push into the halls, which made the place more jammed up.

Durian Cendol and Ice White Coffee @ San Shu Gong, Lorong Hang Jebat

Our original itinerary is to taste cendol at Jonker88 (which was estimated to close at 2pm). However, since San Shu Gong is located directly opposite of Kedai Kopi Chung Wah, we decided to stop at San Shu Gong for the cendol and said famous ice coffee. San Shu Gong is one of the nicest and commercialized building in the Jonker Street itself. There is a little café in the building called Lao Qian Ice Café and another portion of the sells snacks and stuff.

The café is self-service. We made an order of durian cendol and its ice cold coffee. Each cost RM5.80, which seems relatively pricey. They were served about 10 minutes later. Well, the durian cendol appears very commercialized while it does not taste as good. I think that was a bad choice. However, its ice white coffee is worth trying. It was really genuine coffee.


After having our drinks, we bought a packet of snack and two packs of uncooked noodle back home. It all costs RM11.10.

I believe the opening hours of 10am to 10pm are rather true. If that is the case, I think this should be the last spot to go to after visiting the famous foodie places in Jonker Street. At least, it does not close too early and one can have late evening drink there. However, be warned that the caffeine effect from the coffee is strong. We can’t take a short nap despite feeling tired in the noon because of the coffee.

Enfa Mama A+ from Pasaraya Megaherbs & Food Sdn Bhd, Taman Megah, Petaling Jaya

After selecting Enfa Mama A+ as the milk of choice (it has two flavours that are vanilla and chocolate), of course, there is some hunting to do – getting the best price. The retail price stated at its 900g tin is RM 59.


On our first buy, which is made is Carrefour Midvalley, it was at RM53.90. After surveying some other places, we noticed that the price was never below RM53.90. It was one morning when I was attending my Cool Clay class and went into Pasaraya Megaherbs & Food that I found that its price was at that time RM53.50. In the mini mart that is operated by a Chinese family (I think), there are actually a lot of brands of milk for both mummies and toddlers. I guess they are offered at affordable, if not cheap, pricing.

So, I decided to bring hubby on a Sunday night, which is few days later. We were glad to find that the price has been further reduced to RM51.90 (from its “said” original price of RM55.90 – as stated in the cancelled price tag). After close to three weeks, we returned for an additional tin. It was still at RM51.90. When the man key in the price, it was first stated at RM53.50 (and not the said mark up price of RM 55.90) and it was then adjusted to RM51.90. This implies that it’s fixed price at Pasaraya Megaherbs & Food is at RM53.50.


Payments can also be made via credit card. I guess we will frequent this mart for milk in the future.

Chicken rice ball @ Kedai Kopi Chung Wah, Jalan Hang Jebat

On our visit to Malacca, our first stop was at Kedai Kopi Chung Wah, Jalan Hang Jebat. It serves chicken rice ball. This is the more recognized chicken rice ball shop despite some shops surrounding it does sell chicken rice ball. It is strategically located, and I bet one can’t miss it especially one is commuting with a car (since the road around there is mostly on a one way street). Customers actually have to queue out of the shop before proceeding to a seat (Well, not many people will know this procedure if they have not visited the shop). Once seated, they will come over to take orders. We went for 2 persons’ portion chicken breast meat. It was then served in 10 minutes. The waitress also brought the plates of rice balls. Each plate contains five rice balls. We only took one plate as we were going to try other food in that area.

After tasting the chicken and rice ball, I felt the chicken is really smooth. On the other hand, the rice balls is just average. I, personally, didn’t really like the texture of the rice after it is being rolled as a ball. The price of the lunch together with a glass of barley ice is RM10.60.

On service wise, I considered them average. At times, I find the man rude and did not really want to entertain us because we ordered a small portion.

The opening time of 7.30am to 3.00pm could be true, as this is one of the shops around the area that open in the early hours.

One night stay at Courtyard @ Heeren Boutique Hotel, Jalan Tun Cheng Lock – Malacca

I was down to two top choices of accommodation when it came to planning for a two days one night trip to Malacca. It was either Courtyard @ Heeren Boutique Hotel or Hotel Puri. At last, I choose the former because the latter has not replied my emailing (at all). For the former, it charges RM200 nett for a superior room (queen bed). The latter offers at a lower rate of RM160 (excluding service and tax fee) or RM185.60 for their superior double room. Both are located at the same road, Jalan Tun Cheng Lock.

The email replies given by Courtyard @ Heeren Boutique Hotel was almost immediate. Besides enquiring about a queen size bed, I also asked them about parking facilities. They replied that there is car park facility at the back of their hotel with a CCTV camera. I decided on the day itself to go with them. Initially, I was asked to pay either by giving them my credit card details or through paypal. I replied if I could pay on the spot as it wasn’t safe to give credit card details (that include security details) and we do not have a paypal account. Given that I provided my phone number in the email, they called me immediately and told me that I could make payment by banking in directly to their Public Bank account, which I did after that. I, so, my room reservation was confirmed via an email. I was told to bring the print out of the email reply when I checked in.

On the day we arrived in Malacca, we actually walked pass the hotel to check where their parking is. The receptionist told us that their staff will lead us to the parking lot. The staff is very nice. Hubby drove his car and waited right in front of the hotel when it was close to 2pm (check in time). I went into the reception, which was a very nice reception area, and waited for the staff to come. We were then led to the car park. Given that it was a one-way street, we had to get into one big round to arrive at their car park (otherwise, it is quite near). The car park is just a normal roadside car park with some spots reserved for the hotel. Indeed, there was a cctv camera facing the area. We were led to the reception through its back door. The place was secured with tagging system. Well, just like what we experienced in Amadae Resort in Bali, it is really unbelievable that from its external look, there could be such a nice view in the hotel itself.

One of the views in the hotel

Our room

At the reception, I was asked to fill up a form and my official receipt was given to me. There isn’t need for any further room deposit just as the other hotels that we have visited so far asked for. Then, we were led to our room, which was the second room from the reception area on the ground floor. Well, it was quite a cosy room, I would say. It provided the basics such as television (however, without astro channels), hair dryer and safe deposit. I personally like it because it is clean (except that we found out that the blanket was slightly stained just before we checked out). The place is serene except if there are people running/ talking/ shouting around at the corridor. One disadvantage of staying on the ground floor of the hotel is that we could actually listen to footsteps from the above floor at night. I also liked the way they have taken the initiative to decorate their hotel. It was really a baba and nyonya “feel”. In addition to that, we can access to their free wifi service from our room.

On the location wise, it is quite strategic to the Jonker Walk. On price wise, it is slightly more expensive than other smaller hotels in the area (which I can’t make an apple to apple comparison because I have not stayed there). Their RM200 nett includes breakfast for two at their café, which is located in front/ opposite of their boutique hotel. They also provided one of the local newspaper on the next morning. This breakfast is important especially if you are awake early (and you don’t have your own transport) because there isn’t much to eat before 11am.

Well, this place is worth staying if you wish for a relaxing holiday especially after walking quite a distance in the town. I personally enjoyed the stay there and this could be my future top choice.