4-5 year old: Interest on board games

Between 4-5 years old, she definitely has developed much interest on board games – especially the snake n ladder kinda game! She’s great in explaining how the games work to whoever she plays with! She can spend playing the game over and over again especially if she can’t manage to win over her opponent! 😅😅😅 <video>

Christmas 2017 is on its way…

Our Christmas craft for 2016 (which was a Christmas tree) was left hanging at the entrance till it faded and some pieces flew away too! 🤣

I did ask if she wants a physical Christmas tree, but she declined! Ok then, we continue with our Christmas craft, which is a snow man! She added her idea of putting Peppa skiing family stickers on the art! She even reminded me the brown stick for the snowman arms, which she drew!

Simple and nice, I guess!

This time Christmas; I ‘enrolled’ Noelle to two things!

t exchange programme with another pair of mother-child – this is sort of 'stranger' mama pair;-so both of us get to make new friends! We need to get a book each for the pair by asking each other questions – getting to know them more. We also enclosed mama's past snack to the package and made a Christmas card for them! We have this courier out!

This is kind of fun; and we would look forward to doing it again next year – probably roping in Nikki too!

We want to maintain relationship with one of our first play dates via the penpal system – so we had something sent out for him via the snail mail! Putting stamp and sending into the post box – a tradition which I think we should never ‘forget’!

Hope both parties like them! 😊😊😊😊

🤔 Next year, probably we will look for a pal that stays ‘over-the-sea’!

Popcorn pretend play

Items required: paper (of different colour and thickness), marker pen, ruler, scissor and cellophane tape

There are free templates but I drew it as I don’t have access to our printer!

Activity with number 2 while number 3 looks on!

Basically just tear the paper for the popcorns!

Their night activity for the day!<video>

Sharing my thoughts on excessive screen time:

‘Life’ could have been easier; mealtimes quicker (possible?); I could do much of my personal stuff; I don’t have to bother about their activities, etc….

But that’s (the video says it all) reason for not having them glued on those screens!

Of course, they still do get their screen time, but with a limit – they (as of now is only Noelle) should know when, where and how long the screen time (especially ipad) .

They are in fact very addictive! Even watching YouTube – Noelle is guilty of such; but breaking the habit is an ‘accomplishment’ – just like yesterday at bedtime she told me proudly ‘mama I didn’t watch YouTube today (only abit tv🤣)!’

P/s: I am talking about my kids; not ‘yours’ – and a reminder to those who like to ‘bait’ our kids with screen times🙄

Keep sake hands and feet with salt dough 

I kneaded the dough with the breadmaker: 2 cups flour + 1/2 cup salt + 1/2 cup water (or as needed – add slowly).

Then roll it and mold it with the hand/feet.

Bake under preheated oven of 170 degree celcius for one hour. Let it cool down before painting!

Not really sure why no.2’s inflated a little and was a little brown!

Apply glue before applying glitter!

End result: