Keep sake hands and feet with salt dough 

I kneaded the dough with the breadmaker: 2 cups flour + 1/2 cup salt + 1/2 cup water (or as needed – add slowly).

Then roll it and mold it with the hand/feet.

Bake under preheated oven of 170 degree celcius for one hour. Let it cool down before painting!

Not really sure why no.2’s inflated a little and was a little brown!

Apply glue before applying glitter!

End result:

Introducing our story teller

Noelle is pretty expressive, chatty and imaginative at 4y10m13d. To encourage her to ‘follow her heart’, I have introduced her to ‘story telling’ today! 
The objective is not to ‘just talk’ (blurt out) but actually understand what she talks and it makes (some) sense to others! It isn’t about ‘speed’ but clearly spoken words. Of course, it isn’t something that she can learn easily in a day. 
Hope this kicks start her learning and story telling ‘presentation’. This video will be referred to as her benchmark of improvement in weeks/months/years ahead! <video>
Having said that, it is definitely our job to expose her to more story telling events too!

Confinement meal 5

Today’s meals 

Breakfast: Toast tuna with cheese, fruits and milo
Today hubby didn’t have to tar pau lunch as we have some leftovers:

Leftover steamed pork ribs and steamed minced pork (not in pic)

Stir fry leek and pork

Chicken corn and barley soup

Stir fry sawi with tau pok

Girls’ lunch: animal pasta in tomato and carrot sauce

Teatime: pizza 🍕 

I cooked sauce for their lunch pasta and our fish meal for dinner today. So we have some extra sauce (which is pale looking because I cooked from scratch) for pizza making. I just quickly hand kneaded two cups of flour dough for the pizza and left it to rest for an hour before we started our pizza making session. The pizzas were their snack before going for nap today! <video>


Stir fry leek and pork

Fried fish served in tomato and carrot sauce 

Stir fry fu kwai veggie with bunashimeji mushroom
**the bonus was the fish meal because mum brought some fried fishes yesterday 😁😁😁