Lunch for 23m1d: Stew egg tofu with pasta


We went to the cinema to watched Penguins. For the first time, she was wide awake for the entire movie (she has been following to the cinema since 2-3 more but usually napped in the cinema – attachment parenting). She was a very good girl today, sitting on our laps throughout the whole movie; occasionally asked to be nursed. In the cinema, she ate some blueberries and drank water. After the movie, we had lunch and she had her home packed stew egg tofu in pasta served with edamame.

Stew egg tofu – olive oil, onions, pork marinated in orange juice, egg tofu and leftover beetroot and radish soup (this was packed in my Zojirushi food jar while pasta was boiled and separated in another steel container with dash of olive oil).


Video: 23m1d enjoying her sweet bean tong sui & sugar less banana pancake

We decided to have brekkie at home today. So, I boiled the sweet bean tong sui before we went to bed. Ingredients –…/18/sweet-beans-tong-sui/ I just switched off the fire after boiling an hour and with lid on. I didn’t heat up when I served it.

For banana pancake –
150g cake flour
1 tsp baking powder
1/8 tsp baking soda
1 tbsp olive oil
2 tbsp fresh farm natural yogurt
5 tbsp marigold hi-cal low fat milk (or choice of milk)
1 egg
2 bananas, mashed

Mix and dry pan fry.

That’s brekkie for 3 of us.

Dinner: Egg noodle soup


Video: My 23m1d happily enjoying her noodle soup

Yes, my girl is still a messy eater (to me, it is certainly less messy). But at least, she is still eating. She completed almost all noodle served, but only 50% self fed.

Good to take note for mummies with “messy” eaters:

It’s normal for preschoolers (3 – 5 year olds) to eat with a combination of their hands and utensils. Most are still working on the dexterity involved in using utensils. They’re curious about the world, so yes, they’ll likely explore their food too (like the example you give with the bread).

As long as her behaviour is coming from a place of eating and interest in her food, don’t sweat this mess. Because we want her to continue feeling confident with eating. We don’t want to make her feel self-conscious about the way that she eats.


Just be patience, as I always remind myself – as I am not keen to use the “hard” ways to make her eat with less mess. I am not keen to have an unhappy toddler on the dining table each day.

Today’s soup noodle –


Leftover old cucumber and carrot chicken soup:…/old-cucumber-carrot-chi…/

Meat: Stir fry lean pork (marinated in orange juice, cornflour and pepper) with onions & garlic
Vegetable: NZ spinach

The 23mo this week:


1. She is learning pronunciation at a faster pace this week – as she loves mimicking.
2. She has not been sitting still during mealtimes.
3. She is happily cleansing her mouth after/before bedtime this week.
4. She kicks alot during diaper change.
5. She is better in recognising objects – as seen when we played stimulating toys.
6. Her terrible two signs are increasing – e.g lying flat on floor…etc.
7. She wants to do a lot of things by herself like unfolding the socks and removing her diaper – though not totally capable. She will get frustrated if we try to help her. So, we just encouraged her.
8. She loves smooching us unexpectedly and does so if I am angry of her.
9. She can play by herself and talk to herself for some time while I finish the chore. She uses alot of her imagination.
10. She is afraid of big mascots.
11. She gets alot of satisfaction from feeding us.
12. She is better in the car seat this week. *cross fingers*


My happy and active fully breastfeed girl turns 23 months today! It’s somehow emotional for me, not that I am going to wean her, but, this will be the final month before she reaches the big 2! Still couldn’t believe how time flies!

Sharing with you and article here, where its conclusion speaks my mind:

There are no prizes to be won for breastfeeding the longest — all mothers and babies are different. Ideally the nursing relationship continues until the child outgrows the need.

Full article:

0.75l Zojirushi thermos sponsored by Kids and Baby Malaysia


All set!

Not that I am travelling today, but testing out.

So, I have my pre loved Inayou cooker, sponsored by Kids and Baby Malaysia 0.75l Zojirushi thermos and homemade chicken stock to cook on the go.

Recipe for dried chicken stock:

Other ingredients in the rice cooker: 1 cup white grain rice, one tomato, finely diced sweet potato, finely diced leek and one cup water

I already have a 0.5l Zojirushi thermos given as gift too. With this 0.75l thermos, I could fit in more food (as for now, I don’t need that much food for my girl, but suited more as she grows or when we need to go for a day to night trip). The thing I like about it is – it comes with a long spoon and a bag; definitely convenient for travelling.
You can get this product or others related ones by going to their Facebook – search for “Kids & Baby Malaysia”.

Disclaimer: I am not selling or promoting but just wanted set it clear in this post before I get queries about it (while I go out now and have a fun time with my family).

Convenience is a qualitative description, depends on individuality.

Size of thermos depends on how much you plan to bring out for your little one.

Anyway, my girl is happily self feeding herself with this new set!

Celine Tan's photo.
it is length wise different only, the opening of both the thermos still the same. For my girl, I think she enjoys looking into the deeper hole and digging her rice out.

By the way, the pink one seems to be 0.35l (with Japanese word), not sure though.

Roast chicken with tomatoes


Tired day. So, just roast half a chicken that has been cut into pieces.

I squeezed one fresh orange, add on 3 tbsp of farm fresh natural yogurt, dash of pepper and 3 tomatoes diced. Then, roast it under preheated oven of 200 degree celcius for 45 minutes.

Vegetable: Sweet potato leaves with dried shrimp and garlic

Celine Tan's photo.

Steam chicken with egg tofu and vegetables


Lunch for 22m30d: Steam chicken with egg tofu and vegetables, spinach soup and bergedil (potato cutlet)

What a tiring day! None stop from the moment I woke up and we went to the wet market. After cleaning up stuff and prepared the cooking stuff for both lunch & partially dinner, we took a shower. Next she requested to be nursed. So we lied on the bed – and she nursed close to an hour. =.= I was thinking of me time (as her eyes were closed) but she was wide awake then & requested lunch (it was already 1sth – and myself dying of hunger).

Fortunately I have steamed the chicken and a potato while boiling soup for tonight before we took bath. I quickly whipped out the bergedil (actually made it for myself. Lol). We drank yesterday’s radish & beetroot soup, which I added spinach on.

Steam chicken:
One chicken thigh with drumstick
Squeeze half orange juice
Finely diced celery
Finely diced green zucchini
Finely diced shiitake mushroom
Egg tofu

Steam for 20 minutes


Radish and beetroot soup Recipe:

She ate mostly served except bergedil, which went into hungry mummy’s tummy. I added few more pieces of egg tofu for her too. 50% self fed.

Our lunch

Celine Tan's photo.
She had banana while on our way back and papaya sorbet while I was cleaning stuff

Celine Tan's photo.
One day short of 23 month old! I baked a cake to test the sugar paper. It is just plain butter cake with cream cheese frosting and plain biscuits. So, this is her brekkie today!

Ingredients used can be found here:

Old cucumber & carrot chicken soup


Running late today as I went to market to load chicken, pork & fruits.

I am boiling old cucumber & carrot chicken soup:
1 old cucumber
3 carrots
Wolf berries
Red dates
Honey dates
Half chicken breast
1 1/2 chicken carcass

Boiling for 2-3 hours.

Testing the sugar paper


Just a simple butter cake with cream cheese frosting and plain biscuits!

First time my butter cake came out without a smile – and thus I smiled! Or maybe giggled! Lol!

Celine Tan's photo.
Ingredients used plus costing:
2 eggs (RM1)
2 tbsp castor sugar (RM0.10)
50g unsalted butter (the one I bought on offer was RM5/250g x 50g = RM1)
40g cake flour + 1/2 tsp baking powder + 1/8 tsp baking soda (approximately RM0.30)
1 tbsp milk (RM0.10)
Electricity (approximately RM0.30)
Cream cheese frosting
100g cream cheese (RM10/500g x 100g = RM2)
100g unsalted butter (RM2)
1 tbsp icing sugar (RM0.10)
Sugar paper (RM1.50)
Plain biscuit (RM0.50)
Total cost for this mini cake with frosting = RM8.90

Steam egg tofu with shiitake mushroom and vegetable


Lunch for 22m29d: Steam egg tofu with shiitake mushroom and vegetable plus beet root & radish chicken soup

The steam egg tofu is simply easy! Just cut a tube of egg tofu, garnish with one diced shiitake mushroom, some diced zucchini and some diced celery. Steam for 10 minutes.


50% self fed


The little 22m29d did not really want to have her brekkie this morning (yogurt scramble egg) after she woke up. She merely took few bites of the flax seed bread and then asked for nen nen. Of course I was disappointed and even grumbled to my ji mui mama.. And thus just nursed her and then bath her. After her shower, she was playing herself and then I tried offering her again. So, she did eat all the yogurt scramble egg after all.

Just a reminder – don’t give up mummy! Video of her self-feeding

Yogurt scramble egg – I just mix one egg, one tbsp Farm fresh natural yogurt and 1 tsp shredded bega cheddar cheese. Then pan fried with olive oil.


Dinner: Stir fry pork with leek


Pork marinated in orange juice, cornflour and pepper for 2 hours. Browned with some oil and set aside.

Other ingredients: Garlic, leek, carrot and soup

Stir fry garlic in oil until fragrant. Add in leek and carrot. Pour some soup in. Let it come to a boil for 3 minutes. Add in browned pork and let it boil for another 3 minutes. Done.

Vegetable: Stir fry bok choy and mustard leaves with garlic & soup

Celine Tan's photo.
This is how I kept my girl occupied today while I cooked… Extra cleaning but peaceful way to cook!

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