Ezerra Cream


I have decided to move on with Ezerra cream since yesterday (after some research) to see if it works better than Moogoo. So far, so good (I think).

I have also started a food log to determine if it is “food” being the culprit. So far, I think “egg” whether consumed by me or her is a big ‘no’.

*this is the second tube because she stepped (when jumping around) on the first tube, which split out 2/3 of the cream. Grrr…

Bought at Alpha Pharmacy for RM45 per tube of 50g

2 thoughts on “Ezerra Cream

  1. I use Ezerra (bath gel and lotion) for my lil boy too. That’s because doctor said J&J stuffs have ‘fragrance’ and not likely suitable for some infants. My boy had a little red spots using J&J since born, but in month 3 I changed to Ezerra and it smells so good for a baby. So natural. Oh you can try check out AA Pharmacy too, sometimes cheaper too 🙂

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