Finally received the refund from Jackcow

After the request for refund was made, I received an email informing me that the refund request has been sent to the related department. Not long after, I was told that the refund was made and credited into my Jackcow account, which was the similar case as Living Social. However, being totally disappointed with the purchase and losing confidence, I wanted my refund in cash terms. I was then told that for cash refund, RM2 or 3% (whichever higher) will be deducted from the payable amount as an administration fee. Well, this is totally a disgrace for them to do such a thing. It is their retailer fault and they want to penalize the customer. I made the option of having them deduct the RM2 and Jackcow will be out of 17chipmunks’ discount sites listing.


I checked my account and they made the transfer back on Jan 30 – for the amount RM47.90.

jackcow1 jackcow2 jackcow3 jackcow4 jackcow5

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