Discount sites

In effort to create savings, I actually took the “extra” miles, looking into discount sites. Well, it all started with searching for value buys for my beauty products and services. It slowly flowed into other categories such as photobook and food.

I will usually look into it. When I spot a deal, I will usually consult hubby if I should go for it. Sometimes, if the deal is going for few more days, I will take a break from looking at it and re-decide. This certainly prevents overspending.

I have no particular preference for any discount sites. I will visit the sites as long as they are updated often and have value buys pertaining to our needs.

The discount sites that I often visit are:




I love discounts






I have not purchased from every single site that I visited, but the sites that I have most frequent purchases are Everyday, Streetdeal and Groupon.

I do look forward for more deals from these sites. Not only it creates savings, it also bring us to new places that are not known to us. So far, we did not face any problem redeeming the items/services using these vouchers.


Follow up read: Jackcow no longer recommended by 17chipmunks

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