Final review of the confinement food by Hampden & Kidderpore Wellness Sdn Bhd


It has been weeks since the end of my confinement food catering. Overall, I think we had a bad experience with the service provided by the person who brought the food, Tracey. Reasons are as follow:

  1. She has very poor time management – from the first promise 12pm, to 12.30pm, to 1pm and to the extent 1.30pm. Since I am breastfeeding little 17chipmunks, it made me wait anxiously and she often came coincidently when little 17chipmunks need to be fed.
  2. She made many “excuses” for being late – from the son met an accident, need to attend a talk, forget about the time, to the final day when she mentioned that her mum entered hospital and the hospital wanted her consent to amputate the mum’s leg.
  3. It is ok if she is late, but she has no initiative to call and inform that she will be late.
  4. She actually seek for permission to come late on the day she attending the talk, which will be 1pm. But, she came even later, close to 1.30pm. When hubby called her around 1.20pm, she mentioned that she told me that she will be late. But then hubby reminded her that she said 1pm, and she responded by “no choice”.
  5. Though she tried to be friendly, I really don’t like her nose around and often seek permission to carry little 17chipmunks, which I refused towards the end.


Good thing was: I needed to go back to in laws during the 28days and there was a week break with hubby; so, we postponed the remaining 3 days and they compromised.


Well, this experience actually made me feel afraid of going for catering anymore. I really hated the waiting time and got sick of meeting her. Her food is normal and towards the end, I become sick of the food. Some food especially her fish dishes are bad. I suspect she prepares the food for few days and then reheat them when the day comes (just suspect, not sure how true).


I definitely will not use their service anymore in the future.

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