AA Pharmacy at Lucky Garden, Bangsar

We were told by few people that the prices of medicines and supplements from AA Pharmacy at Lucky Garden are one of the cheapest in town. So, when hubby needed to get some supplements, we decided to get them from the pharmacy. True enough, one of the supplements that hubby wanted was selling at half price. We surveyed the other well known pharmacies like Watsons and Guardians.

A few weeks later (which was the recent Sunday), we went there again to get my supplement, which was the evening primrose oil. It was selling at RM 140 for two bottles of 180 capsules each (the price tag was marked at more than RM 200). So, we thought it was really going at great discount.

Today, I went into Guardian and found that the same supplement was going for RM 129 and it comes with a free 60 capsules. In short, it is not necessarily that AA Pharmacy can provide good pricing for the supplements. I think it depends on the brand and also type of supplements.

One thing I noticed in AA Pharmacy – the price tags on the products do not reflect their true values. They can be discounted without any signage saying that it will be discounted.  It is based on what the sales assistants tell you. (However, their sales assistants do provide some consultation when needed.) From my observation, I find that the prices are marked very high on the price tags and they will attract you by giving huge discounts. Therefore, one may not be able to truly judge whether the discounted prices are worthy.

Also, what I don’t like about AA Pharmacy is that they do not provide any receipt, unless asked (I guess).

Well, we learnt the lesson. Guess, we need to do more survey on the pricing from few sources before deciding to buy at AA Pharmacy.

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One thought on “AA Pharmacy at Lucky Garden, Bangsar

  1. Today I went AA pharmacy to buy my regular medicine. I was asked by a few technical questions as I cannot recall the brand name of the eye drop that I used to buy. Surprisingly, the PIC of this shop said that they have a lots of eye drop brand here and he can simply sell me any of them. if so, they are not much different like ‘bomoh’. Why can’t they give me some patient to assist me? Heart sick and will not go there again.

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