AA Pharmacy at SS2/67 and savings on supplement

We were having our tea time in Hailam Kopitiam, SS2 only to find that a new pharmacy, AA Pharmacy is opening next door. It was after a deep thought, I finally recognized that it is the same pharmacy as in Lucky Garden, Bangsar. We decided to drop by at the pharmacy after our tea. It was actually stocking goods – in preparation of its open ceremony on Sunday, November 18 but customers were allowed to enter the shop.

Similar to the concept in Lucky Garden’s outlet, the pharmacy is one floor above. I managed to get the same Calcium and Obimin  – at slightly cheaper price; RM69.90 and RM 25 (instead of RM75 and RM27 – the last round). Receipt is only available upon request and handwritten – so I decided to forego it. Payment can be made in credit card.

Well, good that they have a branch now at SS2, which certainly make purchasing of cheap supplements easier for me.  At the first visit, the staff was friendly.

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