Pet Grooming Studio @ Taman Orkid Desa, Cheras

So, our shih tzu was due for grooming, after more than 3 months. This time, we sent him to Pet Grooming Studio @ Taman Orkid Desa, Cheras, which was near to in-law’s place. This pet saloon has been recently taken over. Therefore, it wasn’t as familiar to us.


Once entered the pet saloon, the lady boss (I think) approached us and asked our needs. We told him that we are sending our pet for grooming. Looking at the fur of our shih tzu, the lady advised to go almost full bald. This is because the dog’s fur was not managed well for the last three months. Before proceeding to agreeing, we asked about the grooming price, which was RM 70 (this is RM 10 cheaper than the ex-owner of the shop). We were also pondering if the shih tzu could go on “poodle” leg, but the lady said that there is no point doing so since the fur will be very short. So, we left the dog there at around 11am. The man who was attending the cashier told us (or rather after I asked him) that the grooming will be done by 2pm. However, he said that he would ring us up when it is ready. Hubby was required to fill up the registration form, which is usually done on the first visit.


It was approximately at 2pm that the man called. We only picked our dog up after an hour or so. When arrived, the lady asked if the shih tzu’s face was enough short – which we then requested for it to be shorter. We stood there about 10 minutes. It was then done. We paid the amount RM 70. Before we went off, the lady told us that the dog has bad breath and advised us to get some medication, which was currently out of stock, for the dog. She then thanked us for taking up the services.

Overall, it was a pleasant experience. Well, we weren’t really picky on the way the dog turns out to be, as we wanted it to be short and clean. I like the way she gave advice on how the grooming should be, which I don’t think we had ever experience. Well, it is a family business, as we seen relatives (kids) around the place, occupying the sofa at the shop. I think it will be nice if they have taken the initiative to offer us the seats while waiting. Nevertheless, there is still a high likelihood that we will return.

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