Valuebuy Neurogain PB @ AA Pharmacy, Lucky Garden Bangsar

We were at AA Pharmacy, Lucky Garden Bangsar yesterday. I checked out the price of the Neurogain PB. At the price tag, it was RM63.90. It was until I checked with the cashier that the actual pricing is RM44, which is RM10 cheaper than the one I bought in Watsons. Without hesitation, I grabbed two bottles given that each bottle can last for one month (if taken once a day).

During my last visit to Dr Fatima’s clinic, I was told that I need not take Neurogain PB if I am already taking fish oil because they are the same. I choose to take Neurogain PB as it is specially for pregnant ladies.


Follow up read: Neurogain PB @ AA Pharmacy, SS2

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