Our visit to Selangor Fruit Valley

It has been three years or so since we were here. The place has improvised. We paid RM15 per adult and RM10 per kid for entry. We went through trams and tractors to arrive at various spots like the centre point, deer farm, rabbit farm, jetty, duck farm, Rumah kampung and nursery. When we arrived and after getting our tickets, we were given free water bottles and fruits to eat while waiting for the tram.

Despite the crowd, they have an organised system on who go on the tram (queue according to receipt number and the number on the entry tickets). But it gets a little disorganised after the rabbit farm (no longer following the queue system but on first come first system). So we have to wait a little longer especially at the Rumah Kampung. We actually thought the girls will merely enjoy the rabbit farm. But at the end, they enjoy the whole valley.

Despite it being just a half day trip, we felt like we went for a holiday somewhere far from home/outstation 🤣. We drove about an hour to the place. Also, it is our first time going on tram/tractor with groups of people.

It is open air and most people are on masks. They even checked MySejahtera vaccination status before giving entry to the car park. They have clean toilets too (at every stop, even at car park).


Deer park @ Selangor Fruit Valley

When we came here three years back, they didn’t stop the tram. This time they allowed visitors 5 minutes for feeding the deers. Long beans were sold a RM1 per pack (small bunch).


Caught fish 🤣🤣🤣 (this is a new section next to the rabbit park).

RM3 for 5 minutes catching fish (one net). But the men there were kind to let us try out more than 5 minutes. 🤣🤣

We caught:

Noelle – 2 (she had two more but escaped)

Nikki – 1

Mummy 😛 – 3 (I helped Norrah but become so addictive to fish)

So in total, we had 5 fish. They wanted to bring them back home, so we bought a plastic aquarium for RM6. I told them these fish not meant to be pet as it is meant to be fed to other fish/tortoise and also it won’t last long – since we don’t have gas tank for them (so to prepare them that it will die🙄🤣). In fact, on our way back, one already pengsan and KO! 😛😂

We also saw new born hedgehogs.


Rumah Kampung @ Selangor Fruit Valley

Instead of the man-made decoration at malls, today they get to go into a Rumah kampung/papan (though it is also man-made 🤣).

This is also the last stop where we could get our fresh coconut drinks. We found a shade under the tree and the kids had the biscuits that I brought along. There were also fried banana/nangka, but we didn’t buy. We bought guavas back home for our weekly fruit snack.

There are also chickens, fowls and goats (gated) beside the house.

Video: https://youtu.be/7LK5EjKPXzs

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