A morning at Pantai Telok Kemang

After a gap of 6 months, we were back at Pantai Telok Kemang this morning. Our third consecutive beach visit to the same spot- we like it here because it is less polluted compared to Sepang/Bagan Lalang (and which is nearer to home – west coast of Peninsular Malaysia). We thought of coming today before the long weekend and Hari Raya holiday – so that it would be less crowded. And because of Ramadan, fewer crowds too today.

We told the kids to wake up at 6am, which they did – had breakfast and shower; and off we went around 7am. We arrived at the beach around 8.30am. Some people were already there. Some seem to just finishing off their CSR duties – cleaning the beach. So, this morning we had a very clean beach! 😛

We spent more than two hours there; managed to find a rather shaded spot. Our initial plan was to have our picnic in the car. But since we had a good spot and fewer crowds, we decided to picnic at the beach itself. In fact, we went to another public toilet (the other end), which was cleaner (maybe because not many people) – this time they manage to get a really good wash after the play.

Norrah no longer fears the beach and the sea. 🤣🤣🤣 She doesn’t need us to hold her anymore. And she is no more OCD with the sand. 😂

Everyone had a great relaxing morning. We managed to pack curry chicken bun and some snack for dinner from Seremban on our way back. We (hubby and I) achieved our KPI by reaching home before naptime! 🤣

Video: https://youtu.be/fgpuza3R3Lc

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