Going on a LRT ride

We miss doing this after more than two years. And they were so excited when we told them about the train ride.

The great thing about having a station not too far from our place (minus the daily noise 🤣 actually we are numb to the sound already), we just walked there. We took a longer ride, made a u-turn ride, went down to tapau food, took another u-turn ride before adjourning home. The two elder girls no longer can hitch on free rides 🤣🤣 – 6 years old and above has to pay a fare for it. No long wait despite it being weekend and so much spacing in the train.

I heard them saying ‘today is the best day ever!’ And Nikki said ‘You know why today is a good day? Because we drank Goodday milk!’ 🤣

I know some people who love travelling around the world, but they don’t ride on local transports 🤣🤣🤣 ok, please support local, they are not bad! <<

Good slow walk for the kids who were just vaccinated yesterday. Not much effect except for Nikki complaining feeling tired and turning cranky before going to bed last night. Today she is much better. Both say sore and tired arms. <<<

Video: https://youtu.be/wuuy-VK2AlE

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