Ears piercing for the girls

The girls have been contemplating to pierce their ears since last month’s vaccine. We private messaged Paradigm Mall Petaling Jaya to check if any of their stores offer ear piercing and they replied that Lovisa does.

I googled for more information and actually saw some ‘bad’ reviews but mostly from overseas. Given the kids’ eagerness, we went ahead with our plan.

We arrived there early and were the first customers. We were immediately greeted by a friendly staff. I told her our intention and she immediately showed us what they got to offer. We got to choose in a specific range of earrings priced either RM60 or RM90, and free piercing will be given. The girls chose the RM60 pairs.

Before payment was made, I was told that I need to sign an e-consent form for each of them. The staff asked for soft copies of the kids’ mykid and also my mykad. Everything was paperless including the receipt which was sent to my email.

Procedure – everything was sanitised each round. The staff changes her gloves for each of the girls too. It was a really professional service offered. At the end, she advises on what the girls can and cannot do after ear piercing. The package also includes saline water for the girls to spray on their ear lopes three times a day.

They are super happy with the outcome.

I am most proud of the littlest one who was so determined to get her ear pierced (she was actually sad that she couldn’t get her jab last month because she hasn’t achieve her 5 years mark).

In preparing their mindsets, I told them that it will cause a little pain (just like a pinch). At the end, the 9yo feels that it is slightly more painful than the vaccination jab while the 6yo feels ‘nothing’. 😂

Video: https://youtube.com/shorts/h1bvAtUAFBY?feature=share


Our chill out day!

They chose FRIDAY (I told them to choose weekday so that not so many people) as the DAY to pierce their ears and also a short BREAK from home (day day you see me, I see you. 🙄🤣You scream there, I scream here🤭🤣)

We made a plan on where to stop; and each stop will take 5-20 minutes. Piercing ears took the longest because parents need to sign consent forms. I told them we are not going to eat and drink there; and will keep our masks on at all times. They were pure angels when going out with me. 🤣🤣 Not a single second I need to raise my voice and I hear no complain (except Nikki feeling tired of walking towards the end 🤣 – I told them if they want follow me go out is like that one lor, or else stay at home with papa).

Places that we left our footprints (a lot unplanned 🤣🤣)

  • Lovisa
  • Popular bookstores
  • Daiso
  • Yubiso
  • Mr DIY
  • Guardian
  • Good2u
  • Claw machine
  • Escape
  • FamilyMart
  • Lotus
  • Aunty Anne’s
  • Cake Sense
  • Mynews
  • Pet Shop
  • Boba Station

🤭🤭 after listing down, wa….banyaknya! Every single entry to the premise, we need to scan MySejahtera and my phone was running out of battery at the end of the trip. This is really our first mall round (without papa) after two years. We really had a good day and they can’t stop talking about what they did to papa (who wasn’t really listening 🙄🙄 because working – I told them to repeat during dinner😂) Really – Covid19 has already taken two years of their jalan-jalan days; I told them to appreciate every moment when we are out and stay vigilant with what we do.

Boba Station (machine made bubble tea) was the last – as we packed a drink for papa.

Video: https://youtube.com/shorts/ppg4q2qlCns?feature=share

We had late lunch at home (I prepared fried rice before we go- or else what papa’s going to eat 🤣🤣 our house no instant noodle and mamak at condo chap lap oredi)

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