Setia Alam Community Trail A

Actually we had the intention to hike this trail for some time but the Google reviews say ‘might need a “tour” guide’. As we were unsure of the trail (and looking at the map 😨), we skipped this spot. Also, hubby and I somehow got phobia if the trail will go on for 3 hours like the previous Bukit Wawasan. Until lately a few friends (with kids) posted that they went there.

First friend – in her comment box ‘my hubby can lead you on the trail’ when she answered her friend who told her to ajak next time. Then I was thinking – really need someone to guide on the trail.

Another friend – which was few days back 🤣🤣 reaffirmed me that there are signboards along the way, responding to my question to her. ‘Just follow trail A’. Thank you and I trusted you. 🤣🤣

And so we went there. We checked on the facebook page and we were reminded that there will be car summonses issues if park along the road. Yes indeed there were few summonses on few cars when we were there. So, we drove further down and parked at Seria88 business centre. We had a preliminary warm up walk to the entrance of Setia Alam Community Trail. (Actually cars can park there – but limited allowable parking spots)

The entrance is a narrow slope up – just like the pictures we see on Google. There were constructions all around this trail – making it less peaceful to hike. (From the beginning where workers were setting up the fence, right to The Wall – construction trucks were working hard).

We stopped at The Wall and decided not to go ahead with the Mirror Lake trail (since the kids weren’t in good stamina today). We did walk slightly to The Peak Garden (not sure if we reached there) – but it is an empty land hill where we can see some parts of Setia Alam. Up and down, all in took us about 1 and half hours (not inclusive of the walk to the car).

There are MANY monkeys along the trail before arriving at The Wall (there are fences but monkeys are smart to climb over). I told them to just walk like normal and don’t run (you know their papa also afraid of monkeys 🤭🤣).

The trail is narrow and it is not one way. We go in and come out the same way (these are the information we looking for in Google but not found, so I will just jot this down). At times, we got to stop to allow the people from the different direction to cross. Some hikers are impatient when we stopped to allow others to cross first and we were snubbed with a loud ‘excuse me’ as if we were purposely blocking the way. (Halo? Cannot wait mehhhh….) But generally the hikers are friendly – when we pass each other, we do greet ‘hi, good morning!’ And ‘thank you (for giving way)’.

So, wait till they (the kids) are ready to explore further into Mirror Lake trail (which is another 3km from The Wall)…..


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