Understanding kids

Today we brought them to Decalthon (again) as we have few things to buy.

Noelle needed a new slipper as she outgrew hers AGAIN. 🙄🙄 She chose one plain coloured one (blue) and I told her to get the biggest size available there (just one size bigger than her current size). 🤣🤣 Then she saw another pair with patterns. Initially she thought of changing her mind to getting the patterned one. But after seeing the price difference of RM10, she retained her decision to choose the plain coloured one. ☺️☺️☺️ She even said that anyhow she will be wearing the slipper for short trips to the swimming pool or condo area.

Besides Noelle’s slipper, we got Norrah a replacement arm float as hers punctured. Nikki has nothing necessary. Despite both sisters had something new, Nikki didn’t request for anything. ☺️☺️☺️

Sometimes I think we are blessed to have very understanding kids, who help us keep on our budget. 😉

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