Last week as P3 student!

With rising active Covid19 cases, everyone knows it is best to just stay at home. But we need to make choices. One of the things that I gave a good thought 💭 and told Noelle is about making calculated risk, i.e identifying which is necessary and unnecessary risk. Going to physical school (when it is available) , work and a little breather out of home for the mental health is a necessary risk. Other than that, as for now it seems unnecessary.

(As a sahm, I have a privilege to let her just stay at home. But on the other hand, being 24/7 with her, I had the ‘privilege’ to witness how her mood and mental health deteriorated over these two years.)

Hence, we have decided to let her go school (though this week is more of returning books, collecting P4 books and some fun at school). We reminded her how she narrowly escaped from a friend who caught Covid two weeks back (her friend was asymptotic) – and to continue stay vigilant by maintaining psychical distancing and no mask down except at her own desk during recess. I told her – Covid is something that can NOT be seen unlike ‘zombies’. 😛

Over last week, she made loom band pen grips as farewell gifts for her P3 teachers.

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