Being the eldest at home

Things that I would like to remind Noelle (which I already told her):

Do not be a ‘bully’ because you are ‘academically more advantaged’ especially by age/experience. When your sisters need help, for example, using the computer, make yourself available to help and not ‘tease’ them for not being able to handle it (at the moment). You are ‘smarter’ now because you have more hands-on than them; and it doesn’t mean that you will be better than them forever. Helping them will not make you lose out but you can increase your own skills. You have also learn this in your Moral studies on how you should help your friends when they are in need and so this applies to your own sisters too.

(I am talking from experience on how I ‘hated’ being disadvantaged because of selfish person who didn’t want to help out even though he could, in fear of others getting better than him)

You are given a lot of free time in a day to do things that you enjoy. If compared to many others, you are ‘lucky’ that we don’t send you to many tuitions (except for Mandarin) as we don’t want you to lockdown your own time and our family time. Having said that, it means that when it is time to be serious in academic/studies, please do so. Doing your best is more important than results. So, as long as you have done your best, nothing else matters. Make learning an enjoyable experience.

We have entrusted to you many things. And hope you will continue to be a reliable person. 😘😘😘

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