Big sister’s treat

Shopping spree at the book (stationary) shop!

Noelle won first place for her school online Merdeka video last year. And she received RM60 bookstore vouchers. But it would be expiring by end of the month! 🙄🙄 (it was given out late)

So, I promised her to bring them to the store during weekend. And here we were! She allowed her sisters to choose something too. A lot of books, comics, stationaries and some ‘ancient’ toys there. They were very indecisive to what they wanted, and Noelle was busy browsing the prices too (I think she realised that the stationaries there are much more expensive than Mr DIY! 🤭🤣)

At the end, they choseeeeee……(ok look at the pic) and there’s outstanding of RM17.20, which I used to buy ‘workbooks’ 😛. I repaid her the remaining to put into her piggy bank.


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