Keeping kids still in car

We actually did not really go out over the weekend as papa was busy with work. Plus we need to run errands ( need explain la, we ‘like’ to go mai go lor! πŸ™„ if ‘you’ think going out with three is ‘easy’…)

Anyway, the current ‘greatest’ idea πŸ’‘ (my idea) to keep them still in car and don’t bug me from buying cold bottled water is….tadaaa…’freeze a cold bottle water overnight’! So they have cold water throughout the journey while learning how to patience, observing how ice turns into water! πŸ˜†πŸ˜†πŸ˜†

They were still good in the supermarket. Same strategy but today Nikki didn’t want to hold my hand but want Jeh Jeh to hold her instead! So I just watch them! Noelle obediently held Nikki until towards the end! Also, given that they have one bag respectively, I have to ‘fairly’ put my groceries in them! πŸ™„ Today Nikki did threw a fair bit of tantrum in the supermarket because she took some bread which we aren’t going to eat – so I put back! As usual, she sat on the floor and wailed! πŸ™„ Noelle successfully distracted her with Glico. Then going through payment, Nikki wanted to remove each of the groceries from her bag by herself (and she was scrabbling in the bagπŸ€¦πŸ»β€β™€οΈ). It was the same when we have to put back the groceries into the bag. The man and lady at the back were looking – they might be thinking why I weren’t helping (I just told myself ‘don’t bother on how others think’) – because Nikki didn’t want me to help! But everything ends well, at the end! 

On the way back, I do think Nikki will fall asleep – Noelle knew mama didn’t want Mei Mei to sleep (as I couldn’t carry two up to our unit), so she did distract Mei Mei from falling asleep! So the cry baby face from Nikki! πŸ˜† Eventually she did took a five minute nap in the car!

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