SAHM with a busy hubby

It has been while since hubby is working long hours; but the ‘season’ is here – hopefully ending soon! 
I have it in my mind that I am a ‘single’ parent on the days hubby is working (late). I have to let go of all my expectations about when he will be home, if he could maybe get home early and help me with the bedtime routine. (I have no issue putting them to bed at one go though!✌🏻)
I have a routine, as a guideline. I have a list of daily and weekly must do’s- the things that keep our family functioning smoothly. I don’t really need to fulfill them all but it has really helped me keep the fridge full of snacks/fruits, the house picked up, and the laundry caught up. When no one helps wrestle with the kids while catching up with work, a routine is a lifesaver!
With the availability of transport, getting out of the house keeps sanity check! Even the kids are happier. So today we were out grocery shopping!

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