Maiden attempt going out alone with 3

Successfully brought them three to the supermarket alone today! 
– briefing and reminder to the girls before we set off (on how they must behave)

– a place where parking is easily available 

– take lift instead of escalator

– just put chosen grocery into environmental bags (so limit purchase too); each of them has one bag 

– don’t use trolley (as they could get uncontrollable in it or fight for it)

– of course, babywear 

Noelle was very obedient; helping me a lot with carrying and even unloading groceries at cashier counter! 
Nikki was better than expected. She held my hand most of the time (maybe because she is afraid of strangers)! 

I nursed Norrah before we went down the car; so she was asleep most of the time.
Having said that, our time in the supermarket is just less than 30 minutes! I also allowed them to pick something they want – which were bread and glico. 
A supermarket with the least crowd helps our outing too! 
✌🏻✌🏻up one level today 😊😊😊

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