Baby no2 turns 18 month old

My baby turns 18 month old today and this marks my 18 months + 3 years (her sister turns 4y18 today) of breastfeeding! The journey will definitely prolong as I am currently into my 31 weeks of pregnancy.
When I first found myself pregnant with no. 3 right after my 18mo turned 1 year old, my first concern is the breastfeeding journey with her (no2)! As per my first experience with the eldest, breastfeeding during pregnancy isn’t easy. Further more, initially I thought my no2 has less ability to ‘comprehend’ the ‘pain’ (nipple sensitivity plus I have morning sickness since day 1 until now) that I go thorough while nursing her.
After all these months, I would confirm that babies – no matter how old – has the ability to read mama’s cues. For example, when I say ‘enough’ – she is willing to let off the boobs. Plus, as time goes by, she has the ability to soothe herself to sleep without sucking my nipples (she doesn’t use dummy too) – she just need me to hug her! Her appetite (for solid) improved a lot thereafter – she isn’t supplemented with any other milk (she refuses fresh milk actually). In fact, she has been starting to sleep through the night in the past two months! She only asks for the boobs when she wants to sleep or too upset or just to ‘manja’. 
It is an incredible and different breastfeeding journey with no2 compared to no1 (who was more demanding at the same age). And now I wonder how the breastfeeding journey with no3 would be 🤔.
From my own experience, breastfeeding during pregnancy is possible – the key is to understand your own body (my Gynae didn’t really agree with me, but I decide not to tell him – after all it is between me (my body) and my baby)! Second trimester may be more difficult as it is sort of dry nursing. But as I enter into third trimester, I could see colostrum coming in – and it gets my no2 hook on it longer lately! The sensitivity of the nipples reduced now (compared to second trimester – or maybe I am getting used to it). As I went thorough this, one of the things I could do to reduce the pain from nipple sensitivity during nursing – it is to close my eyes and meditate; or focus my mind on something else (so during this period of time, I did a lot of thinking – in fact, too much 😂🤦🏻‍♀️).
Hopefully no2 will be able to reach her two years milestones – and by then, it would mean ‘tandem nursing’. I am not going to put pressure on myself or her but allow her to decide if she still wants to nurse or wean off naturally when no3 arrives! 
* I am also grateful that my no1 has been a good girl and being independent around home when I have to spend time nursing no2! 

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