Intermediate 2 at Manasa Yoga, SS2

I previously reviewed on Basic Class at Manasa Yoga, SS2 and mentioned that I have moved on to Intermediate 2. I started attending the Intermediate 2 classes since end March or early April 2010, for once a week at RM 90 per month (of four classes), which is affordable to me. My usual class is on Wednesday. I did attend some Thursday classes, and at times, when I missed my weekday classes, I will attend the Saturday’s Intermediate 1 class or Basic class as replacement.


With Intermediate 2, the usual guru is the “headmaster”, i.e. Manoj. Occasionally, when he isn’t around, other teachers would replace. Either way, I can still feel the authentic yoga experience. I have great respect for my yoga teachers who are very dedicated in their teachings. Compared to basic class, there is more “preaching” and also theories, which the teacher tries to relate. More Sanskrit words are used (to a certain extent, I find it difficult to grasp even after translation). There are also more difficult poses, not totally new to me though, in the class. An honest review would be that Manoj goes abit faster (the speed), making it a little difficult for people like me, who transited to his class, in the early days.


One setback that I feel over the year is that there could be a fine line among students who just joined/ transited and advanced students (those that went through the teacher training course or have been long with the headmaster). I still struggle when it comes to pairing up with the advanced students (not all, but some), who made me feel “intimidated” for not being as “capable” as their body (while they supposed to be “humble” in their practice). While the advanced students who are teachers themselves (though being in the same class) are willing to help and teach me, I find it difficult to pair up with some who actually look highly upon the teachings of the headmaster. I have never felt so “discriminated” before, before yesterday’s (September 28, 2011) class, as the student who has no “partner”, wasn’t willing to partner me and not even wanting to help me up to my pose (even though she did not need my help) because she wanted the headmaster to adjust her body. I really felt disappointed but was relief when the teacher who replaces the headmaster previous week (Susan), came to me and offer me her help. This wasn’t the first time I feel intimidated in class.


So, for newer students who cannot blend well with the more “experienced” ones, you could likely to encounter such situations. And, for this, I actually miss my basic yoga class at the same centre, where students are friendlier and more willing to help one another – where sometimes we have laughter together.


Also, over the years, I find that increasingly Manasa Yoga has become more commercialized (while maintaining their authentic experience) with more yoga workshops or coming out with booklets/books. However, given the affordable fee structure, it is one of the tactics for them to survive as a yoga centre (I think).

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