Irresistibly Cheap

For some reasons, I wanted to test out ovulation test strips. I went to Watsons and Guardian; where I found that they are rather pricey, up to RM 40+ for 3 strips. Before buying it, I decided to do more research to ensure that I really know how to use it (since it was pricey). It was then I bumped into a forum, seeing one of its members talking about the ovulation test strips, and I found, from its signature, that she is actually selling the strips. So, I went to her website and saw that the strips are selling at RM 1.90 per strip. In addition, there is a promotion going on, where by buying 5 strips, there will be free one strip. Moreover, if buy in bulk, she can offer bulk discounts.


So, I decided to email her (Tessa) to enquire and also asked about expiry of the strips (September 16). Her response was quick. I was told that the expiry date is usually a year. Besides that, given that she knew that it was for my personal use, she advised me to purchase 30 strips to test out first. Given that she was running out of stock at the point of enquiry, she told me that she will let me know when the stock arrives.


Five days later (September 21), she informed me that the stocks will be arriving in two days and that she can send out the strips during the weekend. Tessa also mentioned that if I am interested, I can bank into her personal CIMB or Maybank account. I confirmed with her on the total price, if I were to get 30 strips, the free strips and the cost of posting. I was quoted a total of RM 63 (where RM 6 is for the courier charges).


I changed my mind at night and wanted to get also the pregnancy strips (which is selling at RM 1.90 per strip). So, at the end, I bought 5 strips pregnancy strips and 30 ovulation test strips. Together with the postage charge, I transferred the amount of RM 72.50 to her Maybank account. I emailed her my details and the transfer slip. Given that I asked her to mail it to my office, I told her to pack the parcel properly. Tessa replied not long after and said that she will be giving me the tracking number when she sends it out. The tracking number was given to me two days later (EM048591046MY). On Monday (September 26), I tracked the item and it was actually “successfully delivered”. But, I only received in on hand the next day morning (but I guess this is my office’s administration delay). Given that it was packed in an envelope, she plastered the corners of the envelope with cellophane tape, which makes it less presentable (I am not complaining, but relating.) All the strips, which include the free ones, are intact. Also, the expiry dates are in 2013.

I am totally happy with the efficiency provided by Tessa @ Irresistibly Cheap. In fact, I also like her after sales service. After the transfer of money to her account, I emailed her again regarding the ovulation test strips, which she then shared her slight experience on it. While I do not know about the accuracy of the strips, Tessa shares that she tried the strips for three years before having one child. She is definitely a reliable seller. I think I will put her at my top list if I have anything needed and available on her blog. But, I hope the quality of her goods is satisfactory.

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