Massimo by The Italian Baker

I got to know about this bread from my company when each staff was given a free loaf of bread. Compared to the Gardenia (wheat) bread, Massimo is slightly thicker, but comes with fewer slices. For instance, not taking into the account of the two skins at the edges of the bread, there are 12 slices to a loaf of Gardenia, while there are 10 slices to a loaf of Massimo. Given that it is thicker, Massimo is a better choice used to make sandwiches, especially if lettuces are added into the sandwich, making it less likelihood to turn soggy.


Currently, the promotional price of Massimo by Italian Baker – Wheat Germ is RM 2.50 per loaf; and its original (coming soon) price is RM 3.50 per loaf. So far, I observed that it is sold in normal grocery shops and certain supermarkets like Jaya Jusco and Cold Storage. And, it is now sold in King’s nor 7-eleven (yet).Well, guess I will continue to buy Massimo, even though it will be 30 sen more expensive (in the future) and the need to buy it more frequent (replenish when it is finished), as hubby likes the thicker slice of it, which can be more filling.


One thought on “Massimo by The Italian Baker

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