Both older sisters fully vaccinated

Big sister and middle sister are fully vaccinated now!

We returned to Primer Cherang Clinic Kota Damansara 24H Emporis for the second dose, after a gap of two months. We took the last slot of the day, which is 2pm but arrived around 1.35pm.

Upon arrival, we need to scan and fill up their online Google form. Then, we were required to fill up two same forms for each kid (and that took us some time). Do remember to bring your own pen along. The staff was friendly. Since there was only few people around, the staff told me to use their table for ease of filling up the forms. This to the vaccination room took 10 minutes. We didn’t queue at all because ‘we came at the right time’! The girls were vaccinated in under 5 minutes. No 15-20 minutes monitoring at the site required as they did not have any effect on their first dose.

We were pleasantly surprised that the girls gotten two boxes of milk each (including the littlest one who hasn’t achieve her vaccination age) from Goodday Milk Malaysia after the whole process. Thank you!


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