Diaper graduation cum bravely facing the scissors

Diaper graduation 👩‍🎓 cum bravely face the scissors 💇‍♀️

Norrah actually has been doing very well with dry diapers for at least a month – I have been delaying her ‘gift’ because she hasn’t got much confidence of removing diaper altogether at night.

But ever since I promised her a gift, she has shown more confidence of going diaperless at night – even during nights when she had diarrhea. She passed with flying colours.

As we decided to bring them for a haircut and she has been showing some reluctance, I amplified the gifting – I told her if she bravely face the hair stylist and had her haircut, she will get her most wanted gift (2 in 1 gift)! 🤣 I even showed her the gift before we left for the saloon.

The hair stylist (who is her uncle) was also surprised by Norrah’s confidence – because the last round (which was end 2019), she was clinging us! 🤣 She sat by herself and did as told! She excitedly and patiently waited for us to have our haircut, came back home to shower and quickly finished up her dinner!

How not to reward her 🤣🤣🤣

finally, diaperless days <<

Video of cutting hair after more than a year: https://youtube.com/shorts/f9WncwtUOPU

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