Reward for the homeschooler

Reward for Nikki

I seldom reward Nikki alone but today I did. BECAUSE she has shown exceptionally good behaviour especially after she turned 5 years old.

  • she completes all the activities sheets I give her without complain; sometimes she even asked for ‘work’.
  • many of times, she gives in to her sisters, even her elder sister. For example, she didn’t get to sleep with mama when both the sisters wanted to.
  • sometimes she even gets punished because of Norrah. For example, Norrah didn’t want to share – even if it wasn’t Norrah’s turn; I kept the thing that they were fighting for and both (even though Nikki was innocent) didn’t get to play with.
  • she doesn’t show any form of jealously when at times it seems that I treat Norrah/Noelle better 🙄🙄. In fact, when she gets something, she will usually be willing to share with her sisters (she is generous).
  • when she wasn’t well, she did as told and didn’t show any crankiness (towards me, to her Mr Kah Lat Tai is different story🙄)

And I didn’t tell her she will be rewarded for such good behaviour.

Video: Singing ‘Hujan dah turun’ –

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