Growth in P1

At P1, Noelle may not be the best academically. Her spelling is ‘bad’. She can’t really speak Bahasa Malaysia nor Mandarin despite the exposure. Her drawings and colouring are probably on average. She could count though she may take a longer time. She is afraid of presenting herself alone on the stage (aka public speaking). She may not have found her true interest in studies.


She has learn to stand for herself. She has been learning to tell off her friends when she isn’t happy with things. For example, C didn’t allow her to do word search with another friend; Noelle didn’t bother C but continued. She told me that she has a right to be friend with anyone she wants even if her bff doesn’t like it.👍🏻👍🏻👏🏻👏🏻

She isn’t easily influenced by her friends – she is rather discipline especially when it comes to eating junks and spending money.

>> Sometimes I wonder if being discipline stress her up. For example, I asked her to check with the bookshop on the price of a sports shirt which I wanted to get a new one for next year. She obediently did while her friends who followed her to bookshop actually bought stationeries (she didn’t because she didn’t bring money – and it is her choice not to bring money). I do wonder if she feel ‘bad’ that she is ‘different’ from her friends. Therefore, when she told me she will be a-bit sad if she doesn’t have McDonald’s when her friends will have – I think I should respect her decision to have it and stop nagging/ pressuring her on not having a set. She is big enough to make her decision and I shouldn’t make her guilty of feeling bad eating fast food anymore (the suicidal video that I shared actually gave me a bang on the head very much).

She has growing empathy for others. She once told me that her Mandarin class teacher reprimanded the boy who sat next to her (because he doesn’t know to do his activity given) and the boy teared a little. So, she helped the boy. And more recently (this week), when we went to the playground with Nikki bringing the scooter, one of the girls in the playground wanted to play with the scooter. Nikki initially reluctant but Noelle managed to persuade Nikki to do so- so that the girl can have a try on the scooter. Noelle is no longer a kid that refuses to share.

Most importantly, she has shown many persistency and consistency in thing she does – namely school work. She doesn’t need us to worry about her not completing her work. As such, I have been leaving her a lot on her own (school work).

> but this has also left me thinking if I have not done enough to help her improve 🤔🤭 But the most I did is still reading with her.

Anyway, we are happy because she is happy doing what she is happy. At this point of time, we wouldn’t be pressuring her to like doing things she would not have interest it. At most we do would to ask her ‘try’. She is still too young to force herself to like something which she doesn’t really like.

3 more weeks before P1 officially ends. I have no idea how P2 journey would be; but I am sure we will have a ‘growing’ Noelle again.

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