P1’s Children Day

It is Children’s Day for Noelle’s primary school!

She is pretty excited about it since yesterday when she came home from school! I told her to bring a bag of grapes to share with her friends and teachers.

I decided to get a big pack of grapes for her to share instead of just packing for herself. Well, we can’t change people on healthy eating habits but I would like Noelle to be an example! They can consume junks but there should also be a balanced of healthy food – fruits for instead.

I did pay the RM10 for McDonald’s but at the end the parents couldn’t get the order; so they are getting canteen food instead! 🙄 She did ask me what she can eat and affirm me that she will choose those healthy food. Then I told her, it is up to her to decide but with a reminder ‘love your body’! 😁😁

I did volunteer myself to help but I told the parents that two toddlers will be tagging along. Then they told me, they have already gotten 3 parents to help out; therefore no need to trouble me! 🙄 actually I wanna kaypoh lor 🤭🤣


Noelle’s 2019 memories on her primary one 1G Children’s Day

Noelle came home very happy and told me that she enjoyed her day very much! Aside from class party, the school has arranged various performances before the party. She told me that some very interesting (especially fan dance) and some were boring that she nearly fell asleep! 🤣 After the class party (which initially I thought will last till school ends), the school has also arranged a magic show – which Noelle enjoyed so much! She even lost part of her voice because she shouted for encore! 🙄🤣

On her class party, few parents came to help and they distributed the canteen food. So, she actually has no say to what she eats (includes nuggets, fries, drummets, chicken slices and satay) – everyone eats equally (including the grapes she brought, two each 🤣 She told me that once she went into class to put her bag, she saw food on the class tables already and so she left the grapes next to the food).

One of the parents (who opened restaurant) actually brought a tray of fried mee hoon (was told from WhatsApp)- which Noelle said ‘dry noodles’ and she didn’t take. They were allowed to top up after they complete their serving. Noelle told me she topped up satay 😮😮 (‘panai’ choose the expensive one!) and also her grapes! 😁😁 There was also a cake (which Noelle said she has a chance to cut with Cikgu Noraini🤣 – she was next to teacher in the picture) but she didn’t eat the cake.

What she brought home? The parents did prepare party bags which include stationaries and two chocolates. She also brought home a small pack of milo which was distributed to everyone.

She told me she drank water. Her bff brought vitagen but she didn’t take too. I already told her that she need not bring home the extra grapes (if any) and also if she doesn’t want those snacks given (from WhatsApp pictures, there were some junks), leave it to her friends or whoever wants it (no need to bring home).

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