Petronas Streetsmart at Central i-City

Today we went abit further away from our home! 😆 Our second time to Central I-City. Abit panicky driving here – though it is just one ‘straight road’ because I am bad at reading navigation (aka waze)🤭🤣. So, we arrived a little early before the event. I told them to eat some fruits (they had breakfast at home already) in the car because lunch will be at later than their usual time. Then we went up to walk around and find the location of the event. We took some photos before the event started.

The event – Petronas Streetsmart exhibition and group workshop jointly organised by one of my friends at Central i-city with Petronas


1045 – Registration

‪1100 -1115‬ Picture book ( Road safety theme)

‪1115- 1200‬ Workshop

‪1200-1215‬ Video Presentation

‪1215- 1245‬ Exhibition tour ( break into 2 groups)

‪1245 – 1300‬ Gather and Closure

Note: the exhibition is actually free till end of the year. But for the event which include workshop, I paid RM10 per kid (for the 4yo and 7yo)

And had our lunch there after it. They wanted to eat sushi again – this time Empire Sushi and second round – steamed corns and kaya balls, before we went to supermarket and go home.

A rather peaceful day except Norrah throwing tantrums during the event – because she was sleepy and too busy minded! 🙄

Behaviour rating today

Noelle – 4 😁

Nikki – 4 😁

Norrah – 2 😒

Nikki was stung by an ant yesterday at playground. She was seen scratching in the playground itself and she then developed rashes. It irritates her since last night – but I am grateful that she behaved well despite the itchiness. Despite less exposure to group activities, I am happy that she was taking part and following instruction – though her attention span wasn’t too long (but I think it is because of the itch). Hope the rash will taper off soon.


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