Revisiting Petaling Jaya’s transportation system

It was Noelle’s idea! 🙄🙄 I did remind her that we waited at the bus stand for an hour last December! And she asked if I could pull Aunty Quinnie Tan and EZ along! 🤭 So I asked, and they agreed! 😆

‘Learning from lesson’, I suggested to go the opposite way – train before bus. Then I added ‘special segment’ – a stop at the public playground and picnic at the park!

Most things went on smoothly – including a perfect weather. It did drizzle a little when we arrived but stopped completely after that. We don’t need picnic mat as i remembered that there are shades and chairs in the park!

At the bus terminal, we waited 5-10 min before our bus arrived! Yeah! But then bus driver asked us to wait in bus for 20 min. However, with air cond and seated in bus, I personally feel the waiting time is just a ‘breeze’! 😂 They were singing in the bus – a whole new world, Speechless, wheels on the bus!

Our 4 hours are well spent today! 😁😁😁

Girls’ behaviour rating –

Noelle: 4 😁

Nikki: 4 😁

Norrah: 4 😁

I am a happy mum today! 😂😂😂

Of course, it got to do with having someone to ‘accompany’ us! Thanks Quinnie and EZ for accepting our ‘invitation’!


They have known each other since 2+. One just recently turned 7yo and another will be 7yo in 4 months!

Still remember their first play date where EZ was amused looking at Noelle playing in the playland (that has since chap lap😆). Many play dates after that – including once (or more) where Noelle ‘bullied’ EZ. They used to hold hands when they meet. Today was exceptional! 🤭🤣 While we were crossing road, I asked Noelle to hold EZ’s hand (EZ was holding Aunty Qui’s hand while I was at the back handling Nikki and Norrah). Noelle shy-ly held Aunty Qui’s hand! 😆

And after we returned home, instead of ‘masak-masak’, they engage in pillow fight! 😆

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