Chi kut teh (imitation version)

On top: Kids version

Toddler friendly chi kut teh…imitation, of course using natural ingredients 
I actually planned this one pot in expectation of water disruption in some parts of Klang Valley. Glad that the water disruption didn’t happen. Instead, everyone at home had a yummy and hot meal on this rainy day! 

The recipe:

First, we need to make the broth:

-Chicken bones


-Celery (vital for chi kut teh taste)



-Star anise (vital for chi kut teh taste)

-Cinnamon stick (vital for chi kut teh taste)

-Shimeji mushrooms 

-Shiitake mushrooms (vital for chi kut teh taste)

-Red dates


Boil them for 30 minutes.

Then add in chicken pieces (marinated with sesame oil). Let it boil for another 20 minutes.

At this point, I removed the kids’ portion.

For the adults’ portion, I further added ‘dong guai’, dark soy sauce, light soy sauce and oyster sauce. I boiled it for 10 minutes before adding fu chok and tau pok! Let it simmer and done! 

Onion rice: Just boil rice with shallots oil. I topped with fried shallots when it is done. 

I also made balanced vege with garlic sauce (garlic oil, oyster sauce, soy sauce and sesame oil).

For the toddler, I made macaroni for her with the kids’ portion.

The toddler chewing on the chicken bone <here>

The elder girl had the chi kut teh with rice:

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