Remember to spend time with your kids!

We swam before the downpour!

Self reminder: Out of busyness and tiredness, there’s need to take time off for the kids before lost opportunity!

Video of today’s swim time: <here>

I was actually kind of busy in kitchen and house chores. Noelle kept bugging me from going to playground to swimming. I told her too hot for playground and she suggested on swimming. I snapped on her! 😩😩😪😪 Feeling guilty, instead of waiting till the bed sheets are ready washed by the washing machine, I just changed them to swim suits and went down. It rained when we were almost done! 
Noelle was happy that she got the chance to run in the rain ☔️! 🙄 On the bright side for me, if I have waited for the bed sheets to be done and put them out to dry at balcony, they would have been wet again. OR, we lost the chance to swim completely! 
Seriously, some chores can wait; but time with the kids can’t really!

In the day, we did the cream cheese cookies again!

Here the 4y3m30d narrates on how to mold on the cookies <video>

Before baking:



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