Steam kai choy rice


It has been a pleasure cooking since hubby is at home. I actually enjoy the two fellows bonding out in the living room where the girl insists papa sits next to her and also dance “ring around the rosy” with her. LOL! I just have to manage the occasional chanting for “nen nen”.

I am still cooking without salt and sauces despite girl turned 2 years yesterday. I think it is a good practice. But, today it is my first time cooking some lap cheong in the rice.

I sauté the following ingredients in the following sequence:
Olive oil
Dried shrimp, soaked
Pork marinated in grape juice and cornflour
Lap cheong
Fresh shiitake mushroom
Kai choy
Minced grains rice, soaked overnight (I used 1 1/2 cups)

After sautéing, I placed the ingredients into a steel bowl and added 1cup leftover soup (radish soup). Steamed under high heat for 20 minutes.

I choose to steam because I didn’t want to wash rice pot – as I will be cooking another set of rice for dinner.


Celine Tan's photo.

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