little 17chipmunks breastfed for 2 years now!


29-12-2012 is the day when our girl entered into our lives. And today she is 2 years old! I am happy to say that I am still fully breastfeeding her. I seriously wonder if I could still do so if I have not turned a SAHM 11 months ago. But I am blessed with a choice – thanks to my hubby (but surely this was a give and take decision – never been easy).

For me this breastfeeding journey has been evolutionary – the finish line has continually moved further and further away. The question of “when to wean?” never came to me, though I were questioned during my early days (and also recent days).

Definitely the early days were the hardest. If you’re going through this now and are thinking ‘wow that’s amazing’ – trust me it’s not. I got to admit that in my early days I did “screamed” at our girl for nursing none stop and I just wanted my life to get back in order since I was (and still is) a perfectionist who needs things in control.

What bf mummies are doing around the clock in the early days is the impressive most difficult bit (especially if there are so many unpleasant voices/opinion around).

As time goes on, rather that it being something that is hard work, although totally satisfying knowing you are giving the best start in life, and a great excuse to actually sit/lie down and have a rest; it becomes the easy way to solve a toddler tantrum (especially the terrible two stage), a bumped head, a bit of hunger or thurst when there is no food/drink in the handbag, a sleeping drug….the list goes on.

Most importantly – I am glad to say I no longer feel shy breastfeeding my girl. I no longer want to hide in the store room (as I did during my girl’s full moon party in a restaurant) nor do I need a cover to bf my girl. We are braver and bolder – if our girl won’t settle in the midst of shopping, I will gladly pull out our carrier and nurse her on-the-go. And we have done so during our recent Bali trip.

So, where is next? There’s no definitive deadline – it is really up to our girl!

Happy 2nd birthday baby!

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