ABC soup with pork bones


Lunch for 21mo: ABC soup and steamed egg with minced pork

I thought my girl will fall asleep after our playday – she refused although mummy was half dead. So, I served her lunch which I prepared before going out. I was pretty happy to see my girl spoon feeding herself again today though she only took half of what was served to her.

One mummy asked why I like to use chicken carcass to boil soup. For a simple reason, it is cheap (and as a SAHM I have to balance up expenses and healthy ingredients). But today I used “bai kuat” (pork bones) to boil the soup. For RM20 pork bones, I can only divide it into 3 soup portions while chicken carcass is RM1 per piece.

Pork bones
Chicken leg
– boiled for 2 hours

For steamed egg with minced pork:

While I was doing the dishes, she was playing by herself. Then I started cooking dinner as she doesn’t seem to be sleepy. Soon she requested for her mango sorbet (fresh mango + farmers Union Greek Style Natural Yogurt + blend + freeze for at least 2 hours) – which she ate and eventually fell asleep.

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