Baked bear shaped pumpkin fries


We have been missing as I/we have been running around since morning! My girl turns 21 month old today and as usual months, on this day it will be our playday together! So I have prepared two main finger food which were for breakfast and during our outing – made two choices for her to choose.

The night before I have baked spiral cocoa cream cheese buns. The recipe here:

In the morning, I prepared the baked bear shaped pumpkin fries – which I used 200g pumpkin (steamed and mashed), 50g coon Extra tasty cheese (grated), 100g short grain rice, two tbsp cornflour and one tbsp pura fresh milk. I put them in the bear shaped mould, brush a layer of olive oil and baked it for 20 minutes under 180 degree celcius. (Thanks to the mummy who shared the idea of 3 ingredients pumpkin fries. I modified it to baking instead.)

When my girl woke up which was already 930am, I offered her both choices which she choose the buns – she had one and half with me feeding her (I don’t have the patience to wait for her to feed herself this morning as we need to get our refund on our Medela’s b-well steriliser before our playday).

About the refund:

On our way, she had honeydew and tasted some of the baked pumpkin fries (I think she doesn’t like it). She wanted to nurse after getting our refund and refused to sit on the car seat – I had her wailing the whole journey to to the shopping mall (I reminded myself that today’s going to be happy day so no yelling; but I had to forcefully put her onto the car seat – no choice!) But the 21 month old, as usual forgotten about the whole incident of crying upon seeing the Kids Mania indoor playland (so realistic)!

After the playtime that took an hour plus, she wanted to be nursed again and then at the supermarket, she had some raisins. On our way back, I let her try the baked pumpkin fries but she just took a bite and returned it to me. At the end, she had two of the spiral cocoa cream cheese buns. We arrived home around 230pm.


The bear shaped mold that I bought from Jaya Jusco.

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