Why does 17chipmunks have so much energy to do things?

imagesFrom being asked how I manage to do many things with an active toddler, now what?

Over two days, two persons asked me “why do you have so much energy to do so many things?”

My answer was: when I get to do things that are in my lists (i.e. tick them off the list of things), I will be happy and thus not tired! I am just implementing how I used to work in the school/ office at home.

One of them says: “You are goal oriented!”

Yes, it is true. LOL!

I was waiting for my girl to take her nap today so that I could bake my first chiffon cupcakes – since one of the mummies shared the easy way to do so! And, yes, I succeeded.

Happiness overload!

My first ever chiffon cupcakes for my girl!
Now I have another option for her 2nd birthday!

Recipe, as per below; except I reduced castor sugar to 15g. It yielded me 12 mini cupcakes!


My girl enjoyed the cupcakes!


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