Meal times battle – Solution 1

14957_10203538888545663_3927429624079019113_nMealtimes have been a “battle” this week for my 20m1d. It is not that she doesn’t want to eat, but she just can’t stop walking or running around and climbing among the dining chairs (messing around the table – to the extent I have removed 95% of items from the dining table). She could self feed herself quietly maybe for few spoons and then starts her “drama”. (Where’s my good little girl who sits down quietly to eat until she had enough?) I can imagine the headache if she does this if we are dining out!

Think… Think… Think… I then decided to display my anime Ichigo Mashimaro in front of her. It works! For dinner, she sat down quietly to eat (staring, occasionally taking them to feed/kiss them) – though not totally self fed – from main meal to her dessert. *cross fingers*. But I shall remind myself that what works today may not work tomorrow; but what does not work today, does not mean it won’t work tomorrow.

If she gets bored, I have few more different figurines in the cupboard. But my dear friend suggested that I look for her favourite minion figurines, which is not a bad idea.

Today we had leftovers for dinner except for the apple & old cucumber soup that I boiled this morning.

We had the remainders of rice cooker fried rice ( topped with bolognese sauce ( I added some red cabbage into the soup.

Dessert: Watermelon

1558532_10203538905586089_6998231890615607269_nShe was feeding Doraemon this morning.

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