Our milestone in exclusively breastfeeding little 17chipmunks

six months journey

Today is the day. I have exclusively breastfed our baby for six months! It’s such an amazing thing that our baby can survive on mummy’s milk alone + she is thriving and (hyper-)active. I have gone through not much a hassle in the journey because she is a great “sucker” plus no nipple confusion despite being fed formulated milk in the first three days of her life (not something desirable but it was out of my control). Demand = Supply (but I still manage to stock up some in freezer for rainy days). The only “problem” I had during this period is the constant “nagging” from people around me if our baby is drinking enough (because when bottle fed she is only taking 2oz per 2 hour) and to give her water, which in times make myself self-doubt. Luckily, I persisted with the constant support from breastfeeding friends. And, thank you hubby for the constant support and re-assurance that I am doing the right thing for our baby. Thank you for going through four breastfeeding classes with me throughout my pregnancy. And, sorry that you have to take in the tantrums of not your fault (but other people’s fault). Most importantly, we have made it! ❤

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