Little 17chipmunks is exclusively breastfeed



17chipmunks has attended four breastfeeding sessions during pregnancy. The sessions were from Klinik Kesihatan Kelana Jaya, Antenatal class at Kelana Jaya Medical Centre, Gina Yong’s breastfeeding class and Breastfeeding talk @ 4th Maternity and Children Expo. I have a very big dream of exclusively breastfeed my baby, not for the sake of cost savings but also the health benefits for little 17chipmunks. I, once wrote on facebook, that I “hopefully can”; while my friend who has been advocating breastfeeding told me that “there is no hopefully. If you think you can, you can”.


Even when we showed Dr Fatima our birth plan, she told us (which was a little discouraging/ demotivating) that it is difficult to just breastfeed on the first few days, especially on the first few days. And, she did not agree on spoon feeding either on the first two days in hospital – saying that the midwives will bottle feed the babies. However, she said that the babies will be brought to us for breastfeeding (which they actually do so upon request and not before they start bottle feed) and advises us to try latching the baby and never give up.


Due to the emergency c-section, I did not have the energy (because paralyzed half body) to let little 17chipmunks to suckle my nipple for the first few hours. It was later in the night and the day after that little 17chipmunks was brought to me for the breastfeeding. It was the second day when the midwife started to squeeze my boob that I actually saw colostrums. I think I have gave the “best” to little 17chipmunks – colostrums on the first few days, even though she wasn’t exclusively breastfed.


After we have gone home, my parents (and in some part hubby) were in particularly worried that little 17chipmunks will go on hunger. They actually bought formula milk in addition to the samples given by the hospital. I was rather sad of the decision but I had no choice – because I was still in pain (from the wound) and really I can’t bear seeing little 17chipmunks crying. On the first day back at home, it was seriously a horrible night. Baby was crying none stop – even after given formula milk and she kept wanting to suckle my nipples. The two care takers – being my mum and hubby – were KO-ed. At the end, I hugged my little one to sleep – and yes, she felt asleep on my chest. I think she was still rather insecure and unfamiliar with the new environment. The day after, things went better – my milk started to come in – thanks to little 17chipmunks’ effort in suckling my nipples. Thereafter, little 17chipmunks has been exclusively breastfed till now.


Not many people could understand what exclusively breastfeeding is, but I continue to hope that whatever I do now is benefiting to little 17chipmunks’ health. Hope she grows up well. Even World Health Organisation WHO advocates exclusive breastfeeding.


Mummy and papa loves you, little 17chipmunks!

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