Price discrepancy and your rights

I was at Giant Supermarket at Damansara Town during lunch time yesterday, as I wanted to replenish the bottle of olive oil in my kitchen. I spotted Filippo Berio – Extra Light Tasting Olive Oil at RM32.99; the price tag labeled on the shelf.

After picking up two other stuffs, I went to the cashier counter. I was attended by Norshamira (according to the receipt). Sadly, the price of the olive oil was RM36.99 in the system. I told Norshamira that it was actually priced at RM32.99. Without any effort in checking, she said that there was new pricing. I insisted that it was RM32.99. Then, she tried going into the computer system and found that it was RM36.99. But, I did not accept the price discrepancy. I, as a smart consumer, argued that when there’s price discrepancy, we will naturally follow the lower pricing – as advertised by major hypermarkets/ supermarkets including Giant. With reluctance, she tried asking for help from her colleague/ superior. It took her about 2 to 3 minutes before she could actually find someone to assist her. And, she did it with a sour face (what kind of customer service is this?)

When her colleague (a guy) came, similarly, the colleague said that RM32.99 was the old pricing. Then, I suggested him to have a look at the price labeling at the shelf. I actually walked to the place quicker than him. Once arrived, I noticed that the price label was RM32.99. I tried taking a photo of the price labeling (not sure why, but at that point of time, my phone camera was not working). However, seeing my action, the guy immediately removed the price labeling at the shelf and said that “yes, we will follow this lower price”. I guess he assumed that I have taken a picture and will lodge a complain.

Upon arriving back at the counter, he told Norshamira that I will be charged RM32.99. RM4 was deducted from the total amount.

I am truly disappointed with the level of service given by Giant Supermarket at Damansara Town’s cashier – Norshamira. She really had a very bad attitude towards customer and did not have intention to solve the issue but to push the high price to the customer. Has she been provided any training? Furthermore, if I was not spotted “taking” a picture of the actual price on the shelf, will the issue be solved?

Always know your right as consumer – when there’s price discrepancy. But, of course, ensure that the price on the shelf is what you mentioned – or else, it would be a real embarrassment.


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