Yet again price discrepancy and ain’t refunded

I was in Giant at Damansara Town yesterday again and wanted to get some groceries. Then, I noticed that Byford Asst Wear was going for RM27.99 for two pieces. Nevertheless, the price tagged shows RM28.99. Assuming that Giant will charge the lower of the prices displayed, I made the payment.

Disappointedly, the price charged was RM28.99. I told the cashier (at the receipt – the name of the cashier is Maslinda Mohd Sha, but this is a guy cashier, so not sure if he carries the correct counter identity at that point of time) that there is price discrepancy. Similar to the previous experience, the cashier just told me off that they follow the price stated on the price tag and they could be assorted items that cost RM27.99. I did not argue further as there was a long queue and my colleague was waiting for me.


I am just really disappointed that Giant does not train their staff to recognize the lower of the higher price when it comes to discrepancy, yet again. Well, I am still frequenting this Giant because of the convenience it gives due to the workplace. But, I would definitely refute the price discrepancy if the amount is more than RM2 and if there wasn’t a long queue. I am truly disappointed.
Giant Supermarket/ Hypermarket is “smart”. They don’t have a facebook where I can make a complain. Maybe they know that they are “that” bad that they can’t afford to have a facebook where consumers will poke them forever.

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