Klinik Petaling Jaya @ SS2, Petaling Jaya

I came to know about Klinik Petaling Jaya located at SS2 from my previous company, since it was the panel clinic. Also, the clinic is hubby’s previous and current companies panel clinic. I could see the doctor there since I was given a spouse ING card with hubby’s company (it is not my current company’s panel clinic).


What we like about the doctor (Dr. Kong) – he is very friendly and tries to find topics to talk in enlightening his patients. Based on the other clinics that we went, we also realise that the doctor’s medications are good qualities one – as we often can feel the difference a day after taking his medications.


However, one of the setbacks about the clinic is the nurses, especially the Chinese nurse, who is rather arrogant with her dealing with the patients (instead of being polite and friendly). It is especially so when she is dispensing medicines to the patients, and without a smile. It has been so over the years. One great example is what occurred this morning, when the ING card denied me. I asked her if the ING did mention any reason for denying me, while her response was merely “pay, pay, pay”. Yes, I know that I need to pay the bill but I think a good customer service would be finding out the reason for denying and informing the patients. Even if she did not know, it would be wiser for her to say “it is best to check with ING as I wasn’t informed about it”. It was fortunate that I was not in great pain or about to “die”. If I were so, this kind of situation will definitely make me more dreaded.


Other than that, in my perception, the clinic gives medical certifications easily, where it is the nurses who make the call to give out the medical certifications if the doctor did not give. For instance, though I had a swollen thumb but totally fit to work, the nurse still asked if I wanted a medical certification for the day.


I guess patients may have bear with the nurses because the doctor is good.

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